Where to work in Africa

Hi Everyone! I trying to decide my next working base for 3/6 months in Africa, and my shortlist is Mocambique, South Africa and Namibia. What do you guys think/sugest?


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I’ve lived in Kigali, Rwanda for seven years and I’d definitely suggest having a think about basing yourself here. It’s a really great place. The weather is perfect, lots of interesting people, lots of opportunity for business, and visas are pretty easy to get.

Kigali itself is getting a lot more interesting, too! It’s changed a bunch since I first arrived in 2010. Take a look at Impact Hub, Kigali’s co-working space and you could look up my website ‘Living in Kigali’ for a really good overview of live in the city. Lots to see and do in Rwanda and the region as well. It’s a great country for mountain bikers!

I’d love to see more people look to African countries as a potential working nomad destination. Keep us posted on your experience!

Hi!!! thanks, I did not consider it at all but I already am a member of Impact Hub so that´s also a great plus. Will check your website, thanks for the info

My pleasure! Let me know if you have any specific questions. My email is on the site. Cheers!

Though i haven’t yet had the chance to visit, i’ve heard amazing things about Zanzibar. Definitely worth a look at imo.

I’m from South Africa and its a really diverse and beautiful country. Most accommodation and coffee shops have good free wifi in metro areas. Coverage and speed on a local SIM is also good in most places and quite affordable.

So SIM Internet is not terribly expensive?

Not expensive is always relative to which country you’re from and what currency you earn. You can make up your mind below.

R1 = $0.08

Here’s a current price schedule from the biggest service provider with the most coverage in the country - I’d recommend this one out of the 4 main players.

That´s not expensive for me!!! And with your experience is the speed in central CPT for example good enough for flawless skype conference calls?

Hi @joaomreis! In 2016, @lognaturel and I nomaded in South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Ghana, and Senegal. Outside of that, I’ve spent a time in Rwanda, Uganda, Cameroon, South Sudan, and DR Congo.

Of all those places, my favorite place to be as a nomad is Nairobi. It’s a dynamic city, with great Internet, and lots of stuff to do (safari, beaches, meetups, etc). It really feels like Africa’s Silicon Valley.

Cape Town is equally great, but the Internet isn’t amazing. The Wi-Fi at the places I stayed were generally 3.5 Mbps down and .3 Mbps . See my post with all the numbers at https://www.reddit.com/r/digitalnomad/comments/666j1p/any_current_reports_on_internet_in_cape_town/dggzpz8 for more on that. Also, Cape Town often feels like Europe, so that may or may not be what you are looking for.

Kigali is nice, but a little too small and calm for my tastes. Zanzibar is a great vacation destination, but I think you’d go a little stir-crazy after a few weeks.


Hi @yanokwa!!! Many thanks for all insights. When one looks to nomadlist costs of living CPT is almost 3k a month and Nairobi is less than a 1k! Do you agree with both?

You shouldnt have issues in CPT city generally. You’re still at the mercy of the typical potential challenges of using a mobile connection vs fixed line - but these apply in any country and I’m sure you’re already aware of this.

@joaomreis Depends on your tastes. Look on Airbnb to see what the pricing looks like for your tastes.