Which are the best banks for British digital nomads?

I’m British, so this is aimed at other Brits but I’m sure many others will chime in with their Qs.

I normally bank with Halifax and already have a Halifax Clarity Credit Card (if you don’t, you probably should - 0 international fees, baby!) but they are not willing to unblock cards or send out cards in an emergency.

Are there any UK banks that are great for digital nomads and those times where you need a new card shipped to you in Thailand/Mexico/Galapagos Islands or any other issues that might occur when you’re travelling?

I assume global banks like HSBC or Citibank might be the best options but I always prefer recommendations.

Hi, I faced this issue just recently (stolen cards) and as far as I can tell, the only credit card that will send you a replacement abroad is American Express…
Anyway good tip about Halifax clarity! Must get it…

What you could do is get a mail forwarding address in the UK and in the case of an emergency have your new card mailed there and then have it forwarded to wherever you are in the world. That way you can continue banking with Halifax.

This company has one of the cheapest mail forwarding package in the UK:

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Ugh, I don’t qualify for Amex at the moment. :frowning: Bah humbug!

I’ll have a hunt around and see if anyone says anything differently, but I only have about 10 days left in UK.

I already use one but the rates are so expensive and I might as well abuse my brother’s generosity to handle my (little) mail.

Halifax Clarity is the leader, without a doubt. Use a friend/family member to forward on a replacement card, should the need arise.

Definitely not HSBC. “The world’s local bank” is a total lie. They left me high and dry in Australia a few years back.

Always have cards from multiple banks and a viable forwarding address in the UK.

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For day-to-day spending; Halifax Clarity, Revolut.com, or supercard.io are superb options. Fees aren’t the only enemy; it’s the rate that you get that matters. I certainly know Halifax won’t issue replacement cards outside the UK – this can only be an interesting consideration for nomads.

http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/ is your guide for general current account recommendations. First Direct is usually touted as the best option.

HSBC is good - I recommend them. They have served me well across world travels although be warned they don’t work in some countries (Myanmar, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.). Call before traveling to get this list where your ATM card won’t work.

+1 for the Halifax Clarity. Although… I ordered it a few weeks ago, they said it would take 3-5 days. Forgot all about it and gave up hope, then they said it’s being sent out just as I got to Thailand. Argh!

Now I need to somehow get it shipped to Thailand.

And it has a pretty bad reputation, see: https://www.google.com/search?q=payasyougopost

Yeah, it’s a big one in the UK, but in the end, you still don’t have too many choices I guess, in the UK.

For international wire transfers HSBC is unbeatable in my opinion. Just £4 per transfer.

The exchange rate isn’t great but you can always just have it transferred in GBP and have the overseas bank you’re sending to do the conversion if that’s an option. This is how I have always dealt with sending wires to Thailand it beats any quote I’ve had from a forex service.

For day-to-day use I have a Norwich and Peterborough Building Society current account with VISA card. They don’t charge for foreign currency transactions and their exchange rate is pretty good also.

I haven’t used them myself but there are easy online banking options like