Which are the best cities in Europe for digital nomads?

My rough and likely to change itinerary is Istanbul, Split, Budapest, Prague - for about a month each, doing a couple short weekend trips to other cities/sites along the way.

Some background:
This will be my first solo international trip is a remote worker.
I’d love to get a taste for the culture of the cities I visit, meet some fellow travellers and nomads along the way, explore nature / hike (and of course, get work done).

Would be great to hear what some of you would do (or have done), and why?

If you like nature and hiking, consider getting out of the big cities and going to a smaller town closer to nature. I see first-time travelers mostly hitting big cities and it’s a shame to miss out on those smaller places if hiking/nature is what you love.

@gigigriffis thanks for the reply, any place(s) in particular you would recommend?
I do like both cities and nature, so I’ll need to find a balance.

Btw the title was edited and read something along the lines of, how would you spend 4 months in Europe economically?

Hmm, if affordability is paramount, I was surprised at how wonderfully affordable Belgium is. I based myself in Ghent, which is an artsy university town, and it was super cheap. Not tons of hiking, but there are a few pretty natural areas on the outskirts of town.

Not so affordable, but amazing for hiking, I’ve been living in the Swiss Alps for a while, myself. My favorite towns are Lauterbrunnen and Murren. Excellent home bases for hiking.

Also super affordable is Croatia and there are some gorgeous natural areas there. (I don’t have any specific hiking town recommendations there, but I had a nice time walking the paths on the islands off the coast of Split.

Freiburg, Germany is also pretty fantastic. It’s another university town - lively and with the most sunny days in Germany - and it’s right up against the famed Black Forest. I LOVED hiking there and would do it again in a heartbeat.

If you want to combine city + walking, Edinburgh, Scotland was pretty fantastic with its Water of Leith walkway - a hiking and biking path along the water that runs right through the city, but doesn’t seem like it’s in the city at all.

In Italy, I thought Assisi was a great hiking base and a lovely lovely town. And the Cinque Terre has tons of trails going up into the mountains around it.

I’ve also heard great things about the landscapes in Montenegro and it’s pretty darn cheap, especially if you stay off the cruise ship track or go off-season. I also hear internet is reliable (though other infrastructure is still developing).


Thanks for the great suggestions! Really appreciate it. All of those are going on my list.
I might try use Croatia as a base for exploring Bosnia, Montenegro & Serbia. I don’t know how doable that will be, but I’ll figure it out on the ground

Hi, couldn’t help but prick up my ears as you mentioned Bosnia, which I have a special fondness for.

As @gigigriffis mentioned, Split is a good base in Croatia, and a good country with lots of beautiful nature spots.

From Split it would be possible to do weekend trips to Sarajevo (amazing city, great wifi and surrounding by mountains, so lots of hiking trails like this), Kotor (beautiful town nestled in a bay), and Dubrovnik is very close by. Buses to Kotor and Sarajevo will take 7 hours, so not exactly quick trips, but doable for weekends.

As for Serbia, it may be better to base yourself in Belgrade (think Balkan Berlin). It’s very cheap, has good wifi, and it’s an awesome city. Just ask @kovacevicivan :smile:

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Hello. I am currently in Lisbon Portugal. There is good infrastructure i.e. wifi internet as well as business opportunities. I favor Eastern Europe for cost, but Lisbon is very affordable and welcoming. A place to definitely consider.

@hannahvictorius it does seem like a good plan. Would there be any trouble in renting a car instead of using the bus? I typically round up some couchsurfers for weekend trips wherever I go.
Belgrade does look great!

@geramye I don’t think I’ll make it there this summer, but Lisbon is on my radar!

No there shouldn’t be any trouble. Just know that insurance and the permit for crossing the border from Croatia to Bosnia isn’t included, so be ready for that.

Still, could work out cheaper than a bus, and is so much better for getting around and off the beaten track to see what Bosnia truly has to offer. Especially getting to places like Kravice waterfalls and Trebinje for day trips on the way there/back.

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