Which camp/programme can you recommend for html/js/css?

Buddies! My gf has decided to join me in digital nomad lifestyle, yay! She has a university IT degree, and has solid understanding of programming principles, also knows some C, Java, and .NET. She would like to start frontend web development. Which programme or bootcamp or whatev would you recommend to get her familiar with html, css and js, relevant libraries, tools and practices used in modern development? We are prepared to pay money, and expect that a certain workshop would last a month or two. On the other side, we’d like to avoid courses for total beginners (dentists, accountants and others who decided to try their luck in IT), and we expect the teachers to be RL developers with current hands on experience. We are in Europe atm.

Thanks everyone for your input! Serge and Kristina

Hey @Serge,

I would recommend her to start with FreeCodeCamp. They have a complete online self-directed bootcamp for free, with community support via Facebook groups. I’ve coded for 10 years and I’m a mentor for another online bootcamp, but I tried out FCC and was pleasantly surprised by the thoroughness and high quality of the content. The guy who founded it seems to be really passionate about it. No idea if and how he’s going to monetize it, but for now, that would be my first pick.

As far as “more traditional” (i.e. $$$) bootcamps go, I can only speak for those I have experience with. I’m a mentor at theFirehoseProject, which is 100% online. That means you’re flexible with regards to time (this can work while traveling and/or working another job). Most of the course materials are in written form (in the form of step-by-step tutorials that you follow at your own pace), but they are adding more and more video content as well. They have weekly office hours and include 1 hour/week of 1-on-1 tutoring for the duration of the program (12 weeks). I’ve worked there for a year and it’s pretty solid. Note that office hours are based on US time.

This summer, I’ll also be teaching at Le Wagon, which is a 9 week in-person bootcamp (meaning you have to be present for the entire time). These guys are based in France, but offer the same program in a bunch of different locations (at least half of which are in France, and the rest mostly in Central Europe). I can’t tell you about the experience yet because I haven’t started, but from the material I’ve received so far it seems very solid, and they’re getting great reviews. Check out the alumni section of their website and watch the video from the last demo day.

If you decide to pay for a program, I think your main selection criteria should be how much hands-on learning and personal attention they provide. Classroom-style learning (i.e. frontal teaching) is not very helpful in my opinion, you really learn this by doing and making mistakes (and watching how professionals do it).

Finally, there are usually also several introduction to programming classes offered at Coursera, but of course, the personal attention you get there is minimal to nonexistent.


PS: Forgot to mention, theFirehose and Le Wagon use Ruby on Rails (but still teach HTML and CSS). The focus is building full stack web apps. FCC is divided into several tracks, so you can “choose your own adventure”.

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I just checked Free Code Camp, wow what a great concept :slight_smile: I definitely like it the most of all free schools - I agree that working hands on on a project is the best way to learn. We’ll check it out. We prefered camps because you’re surrounded by people, can’t slack off. But the price is quite steep - thanks for the Le Wagon recommendation as well. We’ll consider both.

If you are looking for an in-person camp in an “exotic” location, you might check out Next Academy. They have a 9-week Web Development bootcamp in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have no idea how good they are, but they are cheaper than most of the programs in North America and Western Europe.

If you decide on an online program, I much prefer the pick-and-choose style of Tuts+ or Lynda.com to a start-to-finish program like FreeCodeCamp. Since Kristina already has some coding background she could use one of these to fill in the gaps of specific technologies.

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She’d probably be able to work her way through any random online tutorial and get a much more out of it than normal people with no previous experience. It’s all based on the same principles anyway. So I’d recommend she just have a look at Codecademy, FreeCodeCamp, etc. Maybe Treehouse/CodeSchool. Also the Head First books are pretty good. They take a very playful and practical approach to learning. I recommend the ones about HTML & CSS first, then the HTML5 Programming one for basic JavaScript. I think that will get her very far.

Apart from that, she should think about how deep she wants to get into front-end in the first place. C, Java, and .NET are all very in-demand skills and I’m sure will make it easier for her to get clients or a remote job than the front-end stuff will.

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