Which countries should I live in from june to december?

Hi everyone, :wave:

I want to live abroad from June to December 2019 as a digital nomad.

As I live near Paris the plan is to run away from this high cost of living, crazy stressful life and to live in places of good quality of life.

I think it will be nice to live in a few countries (going twice to the same country is ok for me).

I am already looking for places to go on the website but if I can have some feedback from those who already have a good experience in traveling I would be happy :slight_smile:

I think countries in Asia such as Indonesia (I went to Java and Bali last year for a whole month), Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines would be great.

Which places that would suit my needs do you suggest me ?

My criteria are :
-low cost of living : I was self-employed but now I am creating my own online business so during the creation process until I can have a minimum viable product, I won’t have any income and will live on my savings.
-safe place : Even if there are beautiful and not expensive countries in Central and South America, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be safe at all. I don’t want to be a victim of extorsion, kidnapping, assault, terrorism, piracy, etc. I know there is no such place on earth but some areas are more risky than others.
-places suitable for work : cafés with wireless internet, coworking spaces. No need for optical fiber, an internet connection that is good enough to load regular websites is fine.
-not a big city : I am not a city person so it would be a pain for me to live in capitals or other big cities. I think Ubud is the maximum for me as far as cars, buildings, amount of concrete are concerned (I went there last April and I appreciated it because people are friendly, there is no huge concrete towers, some quiet and soothing places to chill). People may not be a problem as long as I don’t feel stifling.
-good quality of live : quite peaceful (far from poisonous stress of modern occidental countries), nice landscapes (In France I live near an airport and a power station with fields of transmission towers so I need mountains/seas/forests, in short, nature), not over polluted.
-Even if I will not be there for vacation, I want to be able to get away from my screen in order to discover the country a little (especially hiking in nature and some visiting some cultural places) and have a social life so I don’t want to be isolated and lonely in a place where I would struggle finding a grocery store, a restaurant, a bar, a gym, a diving center, etc. and meet no one. However, I just want to live a simple life so I don’t care about crazy night lifestyle like in really touristic cities, I don’t care if there is not a night club/bar/restaurant in every street corner and I don’t need a place with thousands of things to do.

Do such heavens exist ?

Thank you for your help

I think only Chiang Mai and Ubud fit your bill.