Which is better for the summer? Bulgaria or Romania?

Hi everyone,
Im planning to spend the summer in the Black Sea coast, starting June. Now Im between Varna, Bulgaria or Constanta, Romania.

Anyone stayed there in the summer? I would like to know which one is better regarding: WIFI, apartaments, beaches and entertainment (restaurants/open air activities).

Thank you!


Hi Mariana!

Constanta, Romania has much faster internet @ 80mbps

Varna Bulgaria is @ 25mbps

Varna is cheaper though :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mari_travels. I just joined the Nomad Forum community today but I did spend a few days last summer wandering through Varna. This isn’t my best photo, but you get the idea :smile:

My favorite part by far was the food and how affordable everything was. The wifi was extremely spotty, but I’m not sure if that was just the hotel I stayed at!

The weather was lovely; the beach was great. I went in July and it was pretty low key so I didn’t do much besides beach bum. I have never been to Romania, so I can’t speak to as which is better, but hope this helps!

I went to the Black Sea coast right before heading to the Turquoise Coast in Turkey (specifically Ölüdeniz) and to be honest I was glad I did it in that order, because while I enjoyed Bulgaria, the Turquoise Coast blew me out of the water with it’s breathtaking beauty. I recommend it if you get the chance.

Excited to have made my first post to this group!


Thank you for your feedback @whereartjuliet and @levelsio!
Even though Romania crazy-fast internet is tempting, I think am leaning more towards Varna, the beach and city just seems more beautiful.

Thank you for the frank input and picture too, Juliet. I spend the last 3 months living in the Mexican Riviera Maya, and I know the Caribbean Sea is hard to beat, so I’m trying to keep realistic expectations for the Black Sea and having “normal” pictures is really useful! Also, after your comment Turkey went up in my list for future destinations, I will surely ask you for more details (especially about safety for female travelers) when I decide to head there :slight_smile:


Definitelly Bulgaria… it’s amazing… I’ve been to Constanta and BG coast… currently in Sofia.

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Hi Mari,
I vouch for Varna, since I have experience working there.
First, the Internet speed is lower than Romania, but it’s very stable and can get your job done;
Second, there are several co-working spaces that launched in past 2 years, which will let you meet fellow nomads or entrepreneurial minded people;
Next are the flats - AirBNB can grant you nice looking, centrally located flat on very good price, just book in advance!
Last, but not least - the whole coast below Varna is full of small and medium resorts, lots of places for party and chill.
Good luck!


Although I’m Romanian I must say the beach and the water seem a bit nicer on the Bulgarian side. From Varna you can also quickly go to the Tyulenovo area or to Balcik, both really nice.

Constanta is quite active and Mamaia, near Constanta is a place to party, though you might enjoy more the vibe of Vama Veche in Romania. Constanta in itself is not expensive, but the surrounding touristic areas might be a bit more.

Go to Romania for the mountains and the Transylvania area. I recommend Sibiu, Sighisoara or Cluj and a visit to Brasov.

PS: My hunch is that you will love the Romanian culture more (more latin) and you will find more Spanish-speaking people there. :wink:

Thank you for all your inputs @nomadicpaul, @teofil and @bitcells!
Im definitely heading to Varna, and also plan to travel around Romania for a few days while living in Bulgaria.

Now, I have one more question. Do you think is better to rent in Varna per se, or in the Golden Sands area? Im looking for a chill environment, where you can just walk to the beach and nearby restaurants, without having to take a taxi or rent a car for everything.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I know the seaside pretty well and i advise you to go to Varna or Burgas instead of Sunny Beach (dirty wild nights) or Golden Sands (mostly Brits and Russian tourists).
For a very clean water and a chillout stay you can head towards Lozenets, i am VERY picky when it comes to choose a beach and Lozenets is just fine, the restaurants there are pretty cool too, got some great memories!

Hope this helps!


Currently weighing these options for about a month from June-July to fill the gap between short-term rentals in Zagreb (and to try somewhere else).

The internet has been spotty as hell in Zagreb, and I teach English through Skype video, so anything below 5-7mbps is going to give me angry students, does Varna ever get that bad @teofil?

@juan there is a chance that you get a lower one, it really depends on where you’re working at. If you go to the co-working spaces I’d rather ask them beforehand: [email protected] is the contact for the leading co-working space in Varna. Check it out :wink:

I actually have to work at home because of my class hours, so I was talking more about connections at home. Nomadlist says the average connection is >25mbps, do you remember what yours was at home @teofil?

Thank you @HouseofHighness! I already started looking for flats in Varna :smile:

This rentals site has been really helpful so far: http://en.realestates.bg/

Hi @juan!
My boyfriend and I will be working online from Varna next week, I´ll let you know how is the internet situation there.

That’d be great @Mari_travels! We’re on the fence, as it seems like you get a lot more space and comfort in Sofia value-wise, but the beach is always at a premium I guess… what’s the range you’re finding on the http://en.realestates.bg/ site? I’ve been looking exclusively on AirBnB and negotiating down to about 25 euro/night, so curious to see what you’ve found…

Already there? I’ve been also working from Varna so if u’re around do let me know.

Hi @juan and @teofil,
About the internet, I test it out today, and got 24.23 mbps. For my line of work is enough, and I didn’t have any problems with the connection so far.

About the rents, we visited several apartments with a real state agent on Varna and the prices were around 600 - 1000 EU per month for 3 months (for very modern ones, 1 or 2 bedrooms, a bit luxurious even), for short-term and high season. The prices are waaay lower for long term. The real state agent was from this company: [email protected]

Honestly, I didn’t like Varna to live that much though, mostly because I was looking for a more “beach vibe” place, and the beach there was kind of small. But if you prefer big city places, with the bonus of a beach, it is a good option.

We ended up going to the Nesebar-Sunny Beach area, where the beach is long and beautiful. Sadly, my BF had a work-related problem and won’t be able to stay in Bulgaria at all, so we are heading to Constanta/Mamaia tomorrow.

Thank you anyway!

Thanks @Mari_travels and @teofil , we actually ended up finding a good deal in Split and will go there for the few weeks instead. Bulgaria is still high on my list, so if not now, definitely soon.

Any plans to come to Split or Zagreb this summer?

I’m also dealing with this decision for August. I’d like to settle in one place for about a month that has good wifi, easy access to nature (probably mountains over seaside for me this time, but staying as cool as possible is a priority). Bohemian feel with good art and cafes, maybe yoga. Safe, of course. Smaller cities or villages preferred over big cities, but as long as I can get out of the city easily that’s probably the most important. Cluj, Brasov, Sofia, Novi Sad?

I moved to Varna a while back and right now I’m enjoying 90 Mbps on the balcony, or 150 Mbps with the cable plugged in. There are also 4g wireless wifi modems which works well in the bigger cities, Varna included, which you can buy or rent. There is good free wifi around too, but you might wanna do a speed test before you order in your drinks.