Which is the warmest city in Europe with the highest number of tech jobs?

I am currently living in Cologne, Germany, with my wife, but we are looking for to continue our slow-nomadism path towards a warmer city, possibly close to the sea, where I can easily get a new job and offer a set of well-know, tech companies/startups. Any idea?

I was considering Madrid and Valencia, but also Nice looks very attempting even if I am scared that there are not enough tech companies could become hard find/change job in the long term.

Thanks everyone in advance!

How’s Barcelona not in that list? Madrid is not close to the sea :wink:

You’ll have plenty of jobs / opportunities there, close to the sea, great life overall, currently #2 on NomadList!

If you’re scared of the Catalonia Independence stuff going on, don’t believe the news, it’s really not that bad.


You’re right; that was my main worry regarding Barcelona; for the rest I can just totally agree with you, there we could find anything that we need.

On the other hand, do you think is easier the integration for (Italian) foreigners there or in any other place that I mentioned?

Thanks for your reply, btw :wink:

Many tech companies are moving to Málaga from different parts of Europe, because the quality of life is one of the highest. They have difficulties finding developers that speak good English so it is an opportunity. Contact me and I will be able to give you some directions on finding tech jobs in Málaga.

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I believe there are a lot of development jobs in Malta too, and it’s always very warm and sunny. But most of these are for casino or gambling companies, so it might not be what you’re looking for.

I have visited in Malaga a few months ago, which made me think a lot about this city.

Currently I’m living in Dublin/IE, where I have been living for the last 2.5 years working as Full-Stack Software Engineer (C#/.NET)

I’m very interesting to know more about the tech jobs around there.
Please let me know if you have some tips

Hi @rsantosmello,

In 2017, Malaga was the place where jobs grew more in Spain, have a look at this article in the local newspaper SurInEnglish:

Perhaps, subscribe to Spain Digital Jobs to get jobs in Spain (and many in Málaga), that do not require Spanish. They are mostly IT, but also sometimes Marketing as well, there are several .NET jobs in Malaga there.


Also, check some facebook pages for expats in Málaga. Also, https://www.thinkspain.com/ and https://www.thelocal.es/ have jobs but only Spain Digital Jobs is focused on professional jobs in Spain that do not require Spanish (IT, digital marketing, etc…).



Thanks a million, I found a good few opportunities for C# software engineer using your directions.
Let’s hope soon I will be moving to Spain.


You shouldn’t have an issue in Barcelona as an Italian.