Which laptop charger case are you carrying?

I’m looking for a case in which I can put my laptop charger, mouse, power bank and proprietary cables, and then put that case into a backpack. Any ideas? Thx!

I use a Pelican Backpack that has a hard, waterproof / crushproof laptop case built in to it. It’s actually waterproof (not water resistant), and I’m pretty sure it’ll outlast my next three laptops. It’ll outlast me if I have a motorcycle accident with it. This thing is indestructible.

18 month review here: http://nonprofitable.org/pelican-s100-backpack-eighteen-month-review/

It’s survived much more motorcycle abuse since that was written, trips to Goa (sand), high in the Himalayas, and Afghanistan, as well as urban coworking in Dubai and DC.

Main con: it’s heavier than a regular backpack. I’m a big guy and travel light, so this isn’t a dealbreaker for me for long trips. It’s inconvenient when I’m using Calcutta as a long-term base and just want to hop over to a coffee shop, though.