Which local SIM card to get in Spain?

Hi there, I just moved to Spain and was wondering if anyone has a good advice regarding which local SIM card (data+talk/text) to get in Spain?

Thanks mucho!

This might be pretty helpful. (Not only for Spain btw.)

P-e-r-f-e-c-t. Thank you

Recently I used vodafon, it was I think 10e and you get 1gb of data for a week…i havent used for calls or text…are you looking for pre or postpaid?

I used orange and it worked well.

https://www.pepephone.com/ Its a good option

Thanks, I compared Ornage, Vodafone, and Movistar and ended up getting a Vodafone Sim card for 15 Euro that includes 1.2GB data, 60 minutes local/international calls, and 60 minutes text.

Anyone have any experience with LTE in Spain? Where in Spain and which provider?

Hey, I am trying to create a crowdsourced google doc with all data regarding SIM cards within specific countries. It would be great if you guys can contribute here.

This is the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cW0YdeVpL1kWS5KRJp8Be_0pLwFAFa_SqI5sPrin_JY/edit#gid=0

Also if you have any idea how to improve this doc lets do it!