Which places in South East Asia are suitable for kids?

Hi everybody,

we’re a family of 4 from Canada (Quebec province) leaving to Thailand on December 1st.
Our plan is to take things slowly and live in a peaceful environment while working a little and doing homeschooling to our 6-year-old son (plus escaping Canadian-cold winter :smile:)

This is roughly what our plan would look like:

  • arriving in Bangkok, staying there for about a week (air bnb probably)
  • moving to Chiang Mai then Krabi (most likely Ao Nang, Ao Tha Lane, Railay) or Koh Pha Ngan (North part) or Koh Chang (2-3 months)
  • then Indonesia (Bali/Gili islands) (1,5 months)
  • And Malaysia (Batu Ferengi, Penang) to finish (1 month)

We’re not city dwellers, and love being surrounded by nature.
Knowing that, what would be the best places for a family who want something quiet, walkable and with reliable Internet service?

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Magali and Guillaume

Nice! What’s your question exactly? Since you’ve already built your itinerary it seems like? All those places have generally OK wifi and are near nature

Basically, we want to get insights of people who went to these places with kids ; trying to validate our plan and make adjustments if necessary. Do these places fit our criteria? Any other suggestions? Etc.


Honestly, the only place on your list I’ve experienced problems are the Gili Islands. If the island gets bad weather, the wifi goes down completely. When I was there, it took 2 days to come back up and I missed a deadline. It’s absolutely gorgeous there though, so don’t let that put you off, I would just try to avoid any serious or important deadlines while you’re there.

Everywhere else on your list should be absolutely fine.