Who is planning to visit Croatia in 2016?

There was a bunch of nomads visiting Croatia this year, and many said they might return again. I was wondering who else has Croatia in their plans or a wish list for the next year?

I’m considering going there when I return from Thailand in April.

I went there the last 2 years, and I’m inlove with Croatia. I’m going back next year, now to go from Zadar to Montenegro.

Definitly one of my favourite spot in Europe

I’m heading to Croatia in May or June.

I’d like to spend a month or two there, but I’m still hesitating between Split or the surrounding islands (eg: Hvar, Vis).

Anyone has experience working on an island in Croatia? Is the internet fast & reliable?

I’m thinking of / likely going to be there in April!

Can’t speak for the other islands but my mobile data (HSPA+/4G, USD10 for 3GB/1 month) from T-Hrvatski worked great on Hvar during the couple days I spent there (Hvar Town, Stari Grad)

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Montenegro and Croatia very soon, Been in Malta 3 months and starting to fell like a non nomad :slight_smile: Is anyone in Croatia now?

I am thinking about spending one month in Croatia this summer. Not sure where, though. Sea + cool coworking space would be ideal!

I was thinking about going there towards the end of summer. @geo there is Amosfera in Split a couple others recommended.

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