Who provides the best indemnity insurance for New Zealanders contracting to Canada?

I have been sent a short term contract to do a remote trial for a Canadian company. I am pretty new to the contracting game and in the past I’ve only contracted locally in New Zealand and the most I ever signed was an NDA.

I’m pretty wary of the North American legal system, where people make a living off suing or encouraging people to sue. I hope this will never be the case for me, but I want to be smart and cover myself.

Who are the top local or international insurance companies offering affordable packages for NZ contractors working for NZ and international companies?


AIG or one of the other big insurers might be your best bet. However, I always found it very expensive dealing with PI across borders.

Thanks @international_man. How expensive was ‘very expensive’?

$5000 (NZD) for $1M in PI insurance.

Yikes, is that all? Thanks!