Will you get the new Macbook?

I will for sure! I’ve never seen a laptop as adapted to our lifestyle as this one.

Not me, I really like it (the design and how light it is) but… it is not good for most of the tasks I do like editing video, photos, and data processing (big data)… I really wish Apple could make it a bit more powerful next time.

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The thinness comes with some bounderies of course. have you seen how small they have made the motherboard? Insane.
The Pro’s need more space for that power… right now. In a few years the Pro’s are becomming smaller also.

Not yet. I dig the new design, but the Core M processor is a step back if you’re coming from an Air or Pro and I probably wouldn’t enjoy working (design + code) with it. I’m sure Apple will adapt the design as soon as the technology allows it for the Air and Pro, and that’s when I’ll jump aboard – not earlier.

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No. Coming from a 13" Air, it’s a step down in battery life, and would entail a bunch of cable upgrades. Expander port is $79 and another thing to carry.

No way, much like @dangermouse117 I’d miss the battery life of my MacBook Air 13" - plus it has a gimped processor trying to drive a Retina display. Madness.

This has been the single most confusing product launch I’ve ever seen, the new MacBook is both worse than and more expensive than the Airs and for some reason the Airs didn’t get upgraded to a Retina display.

Give me a Space Gray Air 13" with Retina and I’ll buy it in a heartbeat. This thing? No way.

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$1800 AUD… pass.

This is a nothing product IMO, like the original Surface it’s almost a fat tablet and an underpowered PC in one, it doesn’t excel at anything.

  • Two USB ports at minimum
  • Ideally a faster processor
  • Needs more resolution (or at least the ability). MBA is hard enough for some tasks and it’s got more to work with
  • Priced with some form of sanity

Costs far more than an MBA with less battery life, less power, less ports, camera from 2001, and a worse resolution (it’s “retina” but I need space, I don’t want 5 pixels of high clarity images). Total miss in my books.

No, I think this 1st generation sucks. However, I do think it was a very smart move from Apple, with the USB-C think and the thin/wireless notebook, forcing the market to adapt to what Apple wants.
The hardware of this 1st generation, with this 480p camera and core M processor is something that not everyone can live with, and also there’s the accessory part - having this computer would require also a big investment in accessories and adapters, which I think could be invested in something more useful at this time. And of course I don’t have even to comment his price, yeah?

For people who works with photos or video, this MB is really a bad idea. However, for bloggers and this public who just need to surf into the web, post articles and travel a lot, that’s the perfect public for this computer. Probably Apple said this at their keynote.

I think it’d be smarter wait for the 2nd generation, probably they will have “adjusted” the computer hardware in the 2nd generation.

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While it might improve in the next few generations, I would rather have a 13" MBA with Retina. Or if they could make the bezel a little more narrow and squeeze in a 14" retina in the same body as the current 13" I would be impressed! That I’d buy in a heartbeat!

I have a 13 inch Air with the 8G ram upgrade and an I7. The new one seems like it’d be a step down. I don’t particularly need the retina display. It’d be nice for the work I do (front-end code, some light sysadmin work and setups), but not at the expense of battery life and a crappier camera.

The camera might be the dealbreaker for a lot of nomads, actually. I can’t carry an extra device for Skype / Hangouts, and I think we all pretty much assume Apple devices are going to have good webcams. I didn’t even check the specs on the camera till other people started complaining about it.

I believe that this new macbook is good, for it brings the technology FORWARD, in terms of thinness with a retina display.

Now don’t give me wrong, I would NOT NOT NOT buy a laptop with a 1.1Ghz processor – WHAT?!? My old Compaq presario I had back in 2002 was more powerful! The thing with Apple (even though I really am a fan of) is that they do new products in a way that you are half screwed.
here is why:

You want the new mac but it has only one port. So you say “OK let me take the MBA then”. But you then look at the screen and the MBA is not even an IPS screen and low res compared to the new mac. You say “OK fine, to hell the monitor” but then you have this brand new force trackpad and new keyboard so you go “hum… I think I’ll take the new macbook” but you check out the processor of both MBA and new Macbook and they both suck. So you go “OK, MBP 13’ retina display then! It has the new trackpad!” but wait, it is almost twice as heavy and it does not have the new keyboard and has a fan in it.
etc. etc.

You had a better CPU to the new macbook and you are good to go (not considering the freaking dongles needed…) but no, Apple wants max profit. Same for the MBA – why no Retina display? There you go…
So I bought the MBP 11’’ a few days ago and I am very happy with my purchase. I brought it up to 8GB of RAM so it is up-to-speed and I will keep it for another 4-5 years. Not sure this helps, but that is how I see it.

Besides the weight, it is a piece of junk. I can’t believe Apple even released it. MacBook Pro, Air, etc. great laptops. Apple has seriously downgraded. But how about that new MacBook Pro 13"?

For anything but the most casual of users — and especially for working professionals — 1 port is almost ludicrous. I have in my pack a mouse, a gamepad, two hard drives, a CF adaptor, a Wacom tablet, a thumb stick, a guitar adaptor, phone and tablet connectors, and a variety of chargers, none of which have wireless counterparts with anything resembling similar performance. I can barely get by with two ports on most days, not including power!

This is to say nothing of the limited CPU speed and complete lack of graphics performance.

So, this computer is still not for you.
This is not for me either - lack of ports and too slow CPU.
But, what’s the problem? World gonna wireless. In 2017 we’ll not remember all this stuff about ethernet/usb/etc. In 2017 we all will have devices like MacBook. Slim, powerful enough. It’s a revolution. Geeks will buy it, same scenario as with the first Air.

It’s tempting to draw historic parallels but this is just not the same as the transition from Ethernet to Wi-Fi.

Wireless peripherals:

  • Require external charging.
  • Have issues with signal quality. (Bluetooth headphones.)
  • Have issues with latency. (See again: Bluetooth headphones, which are impossible to play games with. Also, Bluetooth mice and keyboards. Logitech avoids this by providing proprietary wireless USB dongles.)
  • Have issues with cross-platform compatibility. (I’ve had little luck getting many of my BT peripherals in Windows, and I assume Linux is the same.)
  • Require increased hardware complexity. (Built-in power sources, etc. This can lead to unavoidable signal degradation, as evident in, again, Bluetooth headphones.)
  • Are often unreliable. (See: AirDrop.)
  • Largely don’t exist yet for many use cases. (External hard drives, wireless drawing tablets [assuming Bluetooth], many others.)

In short, I am highly skeptical that all (or, indeed, any) of these issues will be settled by 2017.

Also, when the first Air came out, I had already not been using my CD drive for quite a while thanks to Steam. It seemed like a good move to me. With the current Macbook, it’s simply impossible to replicate my peripheral needs, which frankly aren’t that unusual.

Your experience != common experience.
Your issues will not be settled even by 2017. Common issues will be settled upon 2017.
You should buy a MacBookPro, so am I.