Working remotely in New Zealand and getting permanent residency?

So… Trump is Prez. The world looks to the US as a role model. He doesn’t think Climate Change is real. We’re [email protected]#$ed.

Canadian Citizen here. Was considering Costa Rica for a long term solution, but they won’t deal with the impact as well. We were always fond of NZ and my parents spend at least 3 months of the year there along with knowing some citizens.


  1. How can we gain a Permanent Residency Visa? It seems the Skilled Migrant Category makes the most sense as I am a Systems Analyst (by NAFTA requirments) and my wife could probably qualify as a Nutritionist/Naturopath/Counsellor. Anyone have experience with this path?
  2. I currently work for a US non-profit remotely. Does NZ allow for this? do I need a job in NZ to be considered for the Skilled Migrant Category? Can I work for the US org while my Permanent Residency is processed?


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Just took the Skilled Migrant Test and even though I have experience in my field that is a future growth area AND in an area of long term skills shortage AND assuming I have an offer as I have contacts there, I STILL only get 140 out of the 160 points now required :pensive:

Edit: Nevermind, I didn’t realize I could get a Work visa before the Permanent Residency which means I can add 50 points for having employment in NZ for 12 months or less :smiley:

Following this post…

Hey, kiwi here. Don’t know all the details about immigration. Know we make have some very silly rules about it, and people are working on it. Something pretty awesome coming out next year is the GIV’s visa through the Edmund Hillary Fellowship. Check it out here;

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Common misconception.

One of the failings of the US, in my opinion, is that they don’t look outward to see how other countries are far ahead in specific areas.

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