Worried about English fluency when finding a job in Ireland?

Hi Nomads!

I’m Veronica, a spanish graduate of computer science. I moved to Dublin to get a job and I have an interview next week. I have a good fluency for now but I am worried I will not be able to speak to my co-workers about specific topics because I am not a native speaker. I can talk about general things but I worry my english is not good enough to talk about what I am trained in.

Does anyone else face this problem when moving to new countries? If so, how did you overcome this? Thanks!!

Hi Veronica! Don’t worry! The best thing that you can do is keep calmed, you know more English that you say. And if you have some mistakes, who cares? They already know that English is not your mother tongue and if you are there is because of your graduate in computer science. Just be confident and patient and everything will be ok.