Worth waiting until getting to Asia to buy gadgets?

I’m ticking off my lists before I venture off again and am starting to purchase stuff like 4G Routers, Wireless speakers, Mice, etc.

The only thing is… all of the stuff is shipped from Asia in the first place. Are all these gadgets readily available in a place like Bangkok and is it worth waiting to save on costs?

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In my experience, Bangkok prices on electronics are not very good compared to the states. Plus they are often at least one generation behind.

I would buy it in the states and take it with you.

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I would say from China, not from Asia

I needed a new laptop at the beginning of the year, just a cheapie that would do the basics. I looked in KL at the big electronics mall then ended up buying in Seoul when my old one crapped itself. Both places the prices weren’t that much different to what I’d have paid if I’d bought it back in Australia.

I get the feeling, from my research and experience, that if you want something custom and high end, like a top of the line gaming machine, you can really bargain and save money but otherwise it’s not much difference.

The other thing to think about is the non-monetary aspects. Where are you going to be spending most of your time? Because if you need repairs while under warranty etc often you aren’t covered outside the country of purchase. Also, if you’re buying stuff that’s not USB charged, the adapter situation can be annoying.

I have generally found the US to have the best prices with regards to (original) electronics. So if you are in the US or will be at some point, that’s the place to buy imo.

I’m here in Bangkok right now and if you’re looking at small items like that I would, personally, say yes and get them here.

I actually was accidentally doing some electronics shopping today and purchased a fair length Apple/microUSB split cord and downgraded myself to a bluetooth speaker about the half the size I currently own (for all I’m in passionate love with it…damn).

Just recently came from the states a few weeks back, the ones I purchased were of comparable quality to ones I’d looked at that were 3 or so times the price in the States.

To give background price scales to use since the US can vary so much by location and store/item, I was looking at these things (and bought my larger bluetooth I’m so loathe to part with) in Worcester, MA area and then D.C. area.

If you Need the same name brand then I can’t speak for it, I purchase (anywhere I live) by what’ll work how I want and don’t concern myself with the name on the package. Besides, like our clothing, a lot of the items in the US are made by the same companies for different brands, names and packaging being the difference added for them.

Larger, more specific to use, etc. items I’d do the research beforehand on the guts of them and if they’ve “dupes” (duplicate, as is phrasing for items bought like that ^ within the US) somewhere over here in Asia. You get the same price and packaging issue in the US: research the build and you’ll have two computers set side to side identical or near but different shapes/colors, brand names, and prices.

I guess my comment on any of it is, little stuff: I find it cheaper because it’s all the same stuff when you look at and use it most of the time, and when it isn’t you can just get what works and don’t look at the name.

On big stuff: just like in the USA do your research on what the electronics you are wanting are actually made of and by and to what spec, then hunt for options before arriving with an idea in mind.

Hong Kong is the place to go, especially for Apple products!

I would double @mattreinhart’s comment, Bangkok has import taxes that hike the price up like 2.5x. You might check out “cheapest places to purchase electronics in Asia” online or something like that and look for places that build locally that don’t have import taxes. Also be careful of buying knockoffs.

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