Would you like a coworking & coliving space in Panama?

Hi everybody,
We are at the beginning of a very interesting journey to eventually establish work spaces and accommodation in Panama.
But before we start, we’d love to figure out how Panama is perceived by you, US time zone and currency are any advantages ? Would you prefer more urbanic or beachfront locations ?
All feedback will be highly appreciated.
Cheers =)


Awesome, I love the idea. Panama is great! Bocas del Toro would be a dream for digital nomads!!!

I didn’t make it to Panama while in Costa Rica this year, but have heard good things about it, and it’s cheaper, and attractive to expats who want to settle and run businesses there, so I’ve read. I might be interested for winter 2016. I’ve heard mixed things about Bocas, but a friend who started there and traveled west, and then up into the wild parts of Costa Rica had a great time.

@Conni you nailed it =), Bocas are definitely in our plans
@suuzin We’re aiming to open 3 different locations around Panama in early 2016, so we hope until winter 2016, everything we’ll be set and running.
How much would you pay for worksapce & accomodation for 1 month ? (Of course it would be possible to come for less,it’s just easier to assess)
Anyway, I would love to have a talk with you on Slack or any other platform to better undersatd your needs.
Thanks for feedback, have a great day =)

STRONGLY interested. In terms of payment, depends on what I’ve got coming in but I’d say at the moment under $100/mnth (which might be doable in Panama). If I can get over there in time, would be willing to help out too.

US currency, time zone are some of my top reasons for wanting to move :slight_smile: No preference between urbanic or beachfront really, Panama City seems quite noisy by metro standards though so beachfront might be where to go. Theres already at least one coworking space in Casco Viejo though I think but nothing in Coronado which seems like it would be my first preference. Bocas seems rougher but I’d check it out.

Under $100 a month for a coworking space and accommodation? seriously? Guessing you missed a 0?

OH. More like I missed the co-living part. I just assumed it was yet another standard co-working space lol. For co-living I have no idea, it would depend what it was like. I wouldn’t go over 1k, there’s the 0 for you :slight_smile:

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@Ori_Cohen Did you end up opening a coworking space?

Yes, we’ve 3 locations on the making =), will be open around 4-6 months. I hope that you’ll come visit us.

Hey! I see this post is from Aug 15. Did you make any headway on this? Before I left, it was a toss up between Panama and SE Asia. I choose Bali but still plan the C. America next. Let me know!

Definitely interested. Would love more info when you have it (location, internet speed, price, etc)

Let me know too! I’m going to Panama next month, would love to hear about a coworking/ coliving location in bocas del toro.

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I’m spending the weekend in Bocas currently, but I’ve been based in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica these past few months. I’m finding Bocas to be friendlier, safer, better accommodations, and cheaper than the Costa Rican carribean coast.

So, I’m think of re-locating to Bocas, and if there was a coworking space that would seal the deal.


I am beginning my nomadic life in 2 months and Bocas del Toro is the first destination I’m looking at so I’m pretty amazed to read this post on my very first day in NomadList.
Definitely interested :slightly_smiling:
Keep me posted!

I was in bocas last weekend, there is a group of digital nomads hanging around Selinas Hostel, the place is awesome, super friendly and wifi is ok/good… I loved Bocas, definitely planning to come back soon :slight_smile: I am currently in Panama city

Hey @ori_cohen - did you end up opening anything up? Thansk