I was, as many people, looking for is something where you can work a few months and than go off-grid / travel, ... with little working needed.
I invested many years and now I am at that point. I would work say 2-3 month to set up something (and invest 20-30000 USD in cash) that than would work for me and make money for a few years. That concept works for me now for maybe 10 years, it's just getting better for me, the more of those "profit centers" I am setting up. (But one already allows an OK standard of living)

I know, it sounds like a dream that can't be true, right?
Hmm, how can I describe it without it sounding fishy but also not revealing too much :wink: ?

Me and 2 partners developed that business concept. It does require that that "investor" has "a good passport", like a European one. Of course there is a lot of work to do to keep the business working, but we outsourced that (that's why I know nice places on Cebu island and around there :slight_smile: )

Anyway, long story short. There are ways ...

Wanna know more about me? Hit me a line.

PS: It is not really an internet business