What's a good US call and SMS forwarding service?

Hi all,

What do you guys use for call and sms forwarding?

Currently I have a Skype US number that forwards to my local phone number. However, it can’t receive SMS’es so that’s a huge dealbreaker.

There’s RingCentral - but that starts at $29/month which is rather pricey.

Any suggestions? I’d just like to be able to call and text like I’m still in the US (when I’m not). Thanks in advance!


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google voice works great for me. i use it via google hangouts dialer.

Yes, def googlevoice with free ringplus plan.

I use tollfreeforwarding.com, they are great , affordable and you can even record all your incoming calls (example if you were using it for a company)

Thanks guys! I’ll look into the options, but for now Google voice doesn’t seem to be playing nice :frowning: I’ll update if I manage to find any viable services!


Both Skype and Google Voice are great options. I use both for phone numbers and Google Voice for SMS. One thing to be aware off is some services block short code SMS and until recently, Google Voice was one of those services. In addition, Google Voice does not receive some verification calls (I need to log into a VPN via a phone call for my work); as such, I use Skype for this call.

Thankfully most of my friends and family use iOS, so I can use iMessage. For those that do not I use several difference services to stay in touch (not ideal, but it’s the world we live in).

In short, I am trying to say you will probably not find a one-off solution to account for all of your communication needs.

I use voip.ms exclusively. You can get numbers from a tonne of countries (incl. US, and toll-free). Numbers are really cheap, and you can pay per-minute or buy an even cheaper minute package. They also support SMS (fwded to SMS or email), voice mail, schedule-based call forwarding, and phone menus.

I forward a host of Canadian numbers to my local mobile phone wherever I happen to be. I most highly recommend them. Super professional, good service, powerful (though ugly) UI. They’re aimed at power users more than mom and pop.

Thanks hmur, this is exactly what I was looking for!

I found Skype to be the most reliable.
Google Voice is good too, but with less than a decent internet connection, it can’t hold a call (for me)

  • Also I can’t register Google Voice with Whatsapp

@whereisdean I had some issues with using gvoice with whatsapp but it worked after soe tries.

@vong I and my wife both work remotely coordinating with different countries so we’ve tried out our fair share. As many have mentioned, gvoice and skype are great. Rebtel works really well for sending/receiving text messages and for calls, so I would recommend giving that a try if the other two don’t work as well.

good luck!

Hey Sarah,

Twilio sells US numbers with voice and SMS support. Works great.

Try Global Call Forwarding. They offer local, mobile and toll free numbers in more than 140 countries. You can forward the incoming calls anywhere in the world (receive calls on your mobile, landline and softphone) plus the numbers come with scalable features like IVR, time-of-day routing and call recording.

Global Call Forwarding also offers SMS forwarding numbers in over 15 countries… but the service blocks short code SMS - i.e. doesn’t work for E-banking and verification for most websites.

I frankly switched to Project Fi and I don’t even worry about it anymore. Texts work free in 135 countries and voice calls are not expensive. Have friends you want to reach, add WhatsApp to the mix and basically you can go anywhere.

Skype is good if you want to use your PC for voice calls over WiFi and if you need a local number. I use that for business calls but it is useless for SMS as you stated.