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  • Canggu

    Oppressively hot. Actually hard to find Balinesian food. There is a lot of overpriced, average, western, hipster food. People are incredibly kind and the Balinesian food is great when you can find it. The roads are ridiculously crowded while a lot of the restaurants, bars, and clubs were less than 30% full. Kind of sad for local business owners. Surrounding area is beautiful and relatively accessible. Aside from western food & beverage lodging, food and beverage can be very cost effective. Other parts of the island are better for experiencing the Balinesian life, but it is more of a challenge to mix socially with local people here than other places as most people work in service industries or agriculture. It is what it is. In the end, if you like oppressive heat & humidity, western millennial cuisine, crowded roads, and a small beach, this may be your place.

    🎒 Nomad Score 5/5
    209 reviews
    💵 Cost good
    📡 Internet great
    😀 Fun good
    👮 Safety good
    Tap to Open
    🌥 Feels 38° 100° 31° 88°😷AQI 55
    $1,238 / mo
  • Bangkok

    Bangkok has some of the best private hospitals in the world. Which is interesting if you're in Asia a lot and you want medical care better than you can get in your home country. Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok is ranked #7 in the world. I did an executive health checkup there and it was great. Prices range from $250 to $750 depending on how many checks you want. You can get blood count, X Ray, ultrasound, hormone check, etc. They also have most other medical disciplines. I also got vaccinations renewed. The hospital is private so it's so much better than the overloaded public healthcare systems of Europe, Canada and UK where everyone tries to avoid helping you, is overworked and angry. In Bangkok they're super nice and helpful and you can make appointments straight with a specialist. Not blocked by a GP like in your home country.

    🎒 Nomad Score 4.61/5
    231 reviews
    💵 Cost good
    📡 Internet good
    😀 Fun good
    👮 Safety good
    Tap to Open
    🌥 Feels 45° 113° 34° 93°😷AQI 57
    $1,519 / mo
  • Chiang Mai

    Can't recommend it enough. Been a nomad now for 2 years and this ticks a lot of boxes. Great quality people you meet here compared to the rest of Thailand.

    🎒 Nomad Score 4.58/5
    224 reviews
    💵 Cost good
    📡 Internet good
    😀 Fun good
    👮 Safety good
    Tap to Open
    🌥 Feels 49° 120° 35° 95°AQI 46
    $1,128 / mo
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