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  • Budapest

    The best city I've been too by a long shot! Only there for 7 days and fell in love immediately. Amazing vibe, tons to do, tons to see, beautiful city and the architecture is stunning all around you. The people are lovely and super friendly. The city is well kept. The only downside is that it's not warm all year around.

    🎒 Nomad Score 4.61/5
    221 reviews
    💵 Cost okay
    📡 Internet great
    😀 Fun good
    👮 Safety good
    Tap to Open
    🌥 Feels 31° 88° 28° 82°AQI 20
    $1,550 / mo
  • Taipei

    Really friendly and social people, laid back, easy to get around, food is good, 4g is great. Heavy clouds for the 4 days I was here in December, which was depressing as hell.

    🎒 Nomad Score 4.51/5
    208 reviews
    💵 Cost okay
    📡 Internet great
    😀 Fun okay
    👮 Safety great
    Tap to Open
    🌥 Feels 28° 82° 26° 78°😷AQI 54
    $1,912 / mo
  • Bangkok

    Don't believe the prices on here for an apartment. 686 usd/month refers to an apartment in a high class condo, right in the city centre and seconds away from the BTS(train station). Just remember this, people working at supermarkets make 2 usd/per hour. If you want to live like a local, then you can save a lot of money. If you don't mind a 5-10 minute walk from the BTS, then you can easily get a one bedroom apartment for 300 USD per month, in a high class condo, plus with free golf cart service to the BTS station. I have literally gone to a restaurant to pay 8 USD for a meal, when the exact dish was available on the street for only 1 USD and tastes much better. I ate out everyday and went partying a couple of times a week, and my total monthly expenses was still under 1000 usd. TIPS -Gyms are fucking expensive in Thailand. Expect to pay at least 60 USD/month for the gym, which is crazy when you consider the average wage in Thailand is 15 usd/per day. -Vitamins and supplements cost double the price than what you would get at home. Thais do not take supplements. Maybe only foreigners and really rich Thais. People spending 1500 USD per month must be eating steak daily and hanging out at places meant for foreigners.

    🎒 Nomad Score 4.48/5
    227 reviews
    💵 Cost okay
    📡 Internet great
    😀 Fun good
    👮 Safety good
    Tap to Open
    🌥 Feels 45° 113° 35° 95°🥵😷AQI 81
    $1,544 / mo
  • Chiang Mai

    I have been told it's the vanilla of digital nomads : easy, cheap, risk free. I loved it so much I want to move there ! Great food, great places to see and awesomely polite and nice people.

    🎒 Nomad Score 4.37/5
    220 reviews
    💵 Cost good
    📡 Internet great
    😀 Fun good
    👮 Safety good
    Tap to Open
    🌥 Feels 47° 117° 34° 93°🥵😷AQI 55
    $1,174 / mo
  • Byozo is an app for the ambitious. No frills, no gimmicks, only what you need to succeed.Join Byozo
    Chiang Mai
    Byozo is an app for the ambitious. No frills, no gimmicks, only what you need to succeed.Join Byozo

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