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💬 What's happening in 🇩🇪 Hof now?

@luis.hocke Thanx. Can you elaborate on the part about needing a company to open a Shopify store? Where can I get more info about it since Google isn't very helpful..
It depends if you want to open an online store that operates in Germany. If you do it is very helpful to have a company in Germany. If you have a company that is registrered in Germany you'll have to file for corporate taxes in Germany. That does not influence your personal tax though.
But what if I only use the German bank account out of convince and 1. Stay in Germany less than 6 months. 2. Pay taxes for the shop in my home country (which is also where most of the customers come from.)

👍 Quick tips

💳 It is normal to tip 7.50% in Hof

🗺 Here's a neighborhood map to get around:

👩‍💻 Where to work in 🇩🇪 Hof?

Find more places at Places to Work in Hof.

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