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Fastest growing
remote work hubs
of 2021

Remote work is now on an exponential trajectory and growing fast. With its growth, thousands of destinations, from tiny surf villages to cosmopolitan mega cities, are now competing to attract remote workers. Every second, Nomad List tracks the movement of tens of thousands of digital nomads to spot the currently trending places to live and work remotely.

Destinations here are ranked by growth rates of check-ins made to places by tens of thousands of Nomad List members using live data analyzing 154,119 check-ins. The primary rank is the most recent growth in check-ins.

These table shows the growth in check-ins for each year in the last 5 years, as well as the last 5 year's growth numbers, and it's ranked by the last 2 year's growth numbers to give you an idea of the fastest growing remote work hubs. It also shows the current rank on Nomad List, so you can gauge the popularity of the place.

Note that the COVID19 pandemic in 2020 has influenced the numbers in 2020 and 2021 and will probably continue doing so for awhile. For example: places with less travel restrictions (like Mexico) have grown faster for that reason, amongst others.

Fastest growing remote work hubs in 2021

Destinations that are growing fast this year.

Fastest growing already established remote work hubs

Destinations that are growing fast in the last 5 years and already have a high amounts of remote workers there now.

Fastest growing remote work hubs in last 5 years

These remote work hubs have consistently grown in check-ins in the last 5 years, from 2016 to 2020.

Most consistently growing remote work hubs which have affordable real estate that foreigners can invest in

These remote work hubs have consistently grown in check-ins in the last 5 years (not counting the current year), have low priced real estate (< $350,000 median 1br house price) and let foreigners legally own real estate. These might be good places to invest in real estate.

Top remote work hubs by visits in 2020

These are the overall most visited remote work hubs by absolute trip counts in 2020, regardless of growth.

Top remote work hubs by month

This table shows the movement from place to place by month by Nomad List members in the last 5 years.

BangkokBangkokBangkokBangkok 1โ–ฒ London 2โ–ฒ BerlinBerlinBerlin 1โ–ฒ LondonLondon 3โ–ฒ BangkokBangkok
 1โ–ฒ Chiang Mai 1โ–ฒ LondonLondonLondon 1โ–ฒ New York City 1โ–ผ LondonLondonLondon 1โ–ฒ Barcelona 1โ–ฒ Lisbon 1โ–ฒ Chiang Mai 2โ–ฒ London
 1โ–ผ London 1โ–ผ Chiang Mai 1โ–ฒ Canggu 3โ–ฒ New York City 1โ–ฒ Berlin 3โ–ฒ Barcelona 1โ–ฒ Paris 2โ–ฒ Barcelona 4โ–ฒ Lisbon 11โ–ฒ Chiang Mai 1โ–ผ Lisbon 1โ–ผ Chiang Mai
 6โ–ฒ San Francisco 2โ–ฒ Canggu 2โ–ฒ San Francisco 1โ–ฒ Berlin 1โ–ฒ ParisParis 1โ–ฒ New York City 1โ–ผ Paris 3โ–ผ Berlin 6โ–ฒ Bangkok 3โ–ผ London 1โ–ฒ New York City
 1โ–ผ New York City 2โ–ฒ Singapore 5โ–ฒ Berlin 3โ–ฒ Paris 3โ–ฒ San Francisco 3โ–ผ New York City 2โ–ผ Barcelona 1โ–ผ New York CityNew York CityNew York CityNew York City 2โ–ฒ Paris
 5โ–ฒ Canggu 2โ–ผ San Francisco 3โ–ฒ New York City 7โ–ฒ Amsterdam 6โ–ฒ Barcelona 1โ–ฒ Lisbon 1โ–ฒ Amsterdam 3โ–ฒ Budapest 2โ–ผ Paris 4โ–ผ Barcelona 1โ–ฒ BerlinBerlin
 1โ–ฒ Singapore 1โ–ฒ Kuala LumpurKuala Lumpur 7โ–ฒ Chiang Mai 2โ–ฒ Lisbon 1โ–ฒ Amsterdam 1โ–ผ LisbonLisbon 1โ–ฒ Amsterdam 3โ–ผ Berlin 1โ–ฒ Paris 3โ–ฒ Amsterdam
 6โ–ฒ Kuala Lumpur 10โ–ฒ Amsterdam 5โ–ฒ Paris 4โ–ผ San Francisco 2โ–ผ Amsterdam 3โ–ผ San Francisco 2โ–ฒ Prague 2โ–ผ Amsterdam 1โ–ฒ San Francisco 2โ–ผ Paris 2โ–ผ Barcelona 4โ–ฒ Singapore
 3โ–ฒ Barcelona 4โ–ผ New York City 2โ–ฒ Barcelona 8โ–ฒ Lisbon 8โ–ผ Bangkok 6โ–ฒ BudapestBudapest 1โ–ฒ San Francisco 3โ–ผ Budapest 2โ–ผ Amsterdam 3โ–ฒ San Francisco 6โ–ผ Lisbon
 4โ–ผ BerlinBerlin 2โ–ฒ Ubud 2โ–ฒ Tokyo 3โ–ฒ Singapore 1โ–ฒ Prague 2โ–ผ San Francisco 2โ–ผ Prague 1โ–ฒ Bangkok 1โ–ผ Budapest 1โ–ผ Amsterdam 1โ–ผ San Francisco
 6โ–ผ Paris 2โ–ผ Barcelona 6โ–ผ Singapore 8โ–ผ Canggu 10โ–ฒ Prague 2โ–ผ BangkokBangkokBangkok 3โ–ฒ Istanbul 11โ–ฒ Mexico CityMexico City 3โ–ฒ Canggu
 1โ–ฒ Mexico City 7โ–ฒ Ubud 3โ–ฒ Tokyo 3โ–ผ Barcelona 2โ–ผ Tokyo 1โ–ฒ Los AngelesLos AngelesLos Angeles 2โ–ผ Prague 4โ–ผ San Francisco 5โ–ฒ Singapore 4โ–ผ Barcelona
 6โ–ฒ Los Angeles 2โ–ผ Paris 5โ–ผ Amsterdam 2โ–ผ Singapore 5โ–ฒ Los Angeles 7โ–ฒ Vienna 2โ–ฒ Singapore 10โ–ฒ Madrid 3โ–ฒ Rome 4โ–ฒ Tokyo 9โ–ฒ Ubud 2โ–ผ Mexico City
 2โ–ฒ Ho Chi Minh City 1โ–ฒ Medellรญn 11โ–ผ Chiang Mai 12โ–ฒ Madrid 7โ–ผ Chiang Mai 7โ–ฒ Madrid 5โ–ฒ Belgrade 2โ–ฒ Istanbul 8โ–ฒ Chiang Mai 7โ–ฒ CangguCanggu 1โ–ฒ Kuala Lumpur
 15โ–ฒ Medellรญn 5โ–ฒ Tokyo 4โ–ฒ Mexico CityMexico City 1โ–ฒ Budapest 5โ–ผ Singapore 6โ–ฒ Rome 6โ–ฒ Split 3โ–ผ Los Angeles 3โ–ผ Prague 10โ–ฒ Kuala Lumpur 9โ–ฒ Phuket
 7โ–ฒ Buenos Aires 3โ–ผ Los AngelesLos Angeles 3โ–ฒ Budapest 7โ–ฒ Seoul 4โ–ผ Tokyo 9โ–ฒ Istanbul 1โ–ผ Rome 5โ–ฒ Athens 5โ–ผ Istanbul 8โ–ฒ Hong Kong 5โ–ฒ Ho Chi Minh City
 8โ–ผ Lisbon 3โ–ผ Ho Chi Minh City 1โ–ฒ Lisbon 10โ–ผ Kuala Lumpur 2โ–ผ Mexico City#fffPorto#fffCopenhagen#fffMexico City#fffTokyo 2โ–ฒ Singapore 2โ–ฒ Madrid 2โ–ฒ Tokyo
 11โ–ผ Amsterdam 1โ–ผ Lisbon 1โ–ผ Ho Chi Minh City 2โ–ผ Los Angeles 7โ–ผ Canggu 4โ–ผ Chiang MaiChiang Mai 5โ–ผ Singapore 5โ–ผ Madrid 3โ–ผ Los Angeles 3โ–ผ Prague#fffDubai
 6โ–ฒ Ubud 7โ–ผ Mexico City 8โ–ฒ Budapest 1โ–ฒ Hong Kong#fffCopenhagen#fffBelgrade 3โ–ฒ Kuala Lumpur#fffStockholm 1โ–ผ Singapore 1โ–ผ Madrid 6โ–ผ Tokyo 4โ–ฒ Los Angeles
 3โ–ผ Tokyo#fffRio de Janeiro#fffHong Kong 10โ–ผ Ubud 6โ–ฒ Vienna#fffAthens 7โ–ผ ViennaVienna#fffMunich#fffDubai 10โ–ผ Budapest#fffVienna
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