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The fastest internet speeds in the world

Which countries have the fastest internet connection? We continously measure the internet speed from 4,555,463 Nomad List visitors. Shown here is aggregated from the last 12 months.

Last measured 51 Mbps, 50 minutes ago in Spain. Last updated 44 minutes ago.


NameSpeedTests done
Singapore64 Mbps3,329x
Portugal59 Mbps9,925x
Switzerland56 Mbps5,673x
Denmark54 Mbps3,115x
Sweden51 Mbps4,811x
Norway50 Mbps2,811x
Netherlands50 Mbps14,103x
Poland49 Mbps10,580x
Bulgaria49 Mbps2,815x
Ukraine49 Mbps7,136x
United States49 Mbps152,032x
Hungary48 Mbps2,414x
Canada48 Mbps24,125x
Lithuania47 Mbps2,299x
Uruguay46 Mbps882x
Spain45 Mbps18,638x
Belgium45 Mbps4,413x
Serbia45 Mbps3,633x
Germany44 Mbps25,462x
Czechia43 Mbps3,565x
United Kingdom43 Mbps40,191x
Slovakia43 Mbps1,139x
Estonia43 Mbps1,677x
Argentina42 Mbps4,972x
Finland41 Mbps2,780x
Slovenia41 Mbps994x
Belarus41 Mbps1,813x
Russia41 Mbps16,924x
Australia40 Mbps8,979x
Romania40 Mbps5,784x
Austria39 Mbps3,195x
France38 Mbps23,903x
North Macedonia38 Mbps752x
Malaysia37 Mbps2,275x
Thailand37 Mbps5,389x
Latvia37 Mbps954x
Hong Kong37 Mbps2,024x
New Zealand36 Mbps1,882x
Ireland36 Mbps4,501x
Malta35 Mbps896x
Italy34 Mbps11,590x
Bosnia34 Mbps679x
Japan33 Mbps3,375x
Bermuda33 Mbps116x
Croatia32 Mbps2,831x
Moldova31 Mbps427x
Vietnam31 Mbps2,550x
Colombia30 Mbps3,723x
Puerto Rico30 Mbps387x
South Africa30 Mbps4,307x
Luxembourg30 Mbps516x
Mexico29 Mbps16,228x
Brazil29 Mbps21,725x
Montenegro29 Mbps764x
Chile27 Mbps1,432x
Barbados27 Mbps145x
India26 Mbps16,193x
The Bahamas26 Mbps109x
Albania25 Mbps954x
Israel25 Mbps4,188x
Georgia24 Mbps2,178x
Iceland24 Mbps496x
Greece24 Mbps5,393x
Trinidad and Tobago23 Mbps237x
Nicaragua23 Mbps170x
Peru23 Mbps1,282x
Panama23 Mbps738x
Costa Rica23 Mbps1,387x
Cyprus22 Mbps1,123x
Armenia22 Mbps538x
Jamaica22 Mbps227x
Turkey21 Mbps8,202x
Honduras21 Mbps206x
Curaรงao21 Mbps183x
El Salvador21 Mbps261x
European Union20 Mbps875x
South Korea19 Mbps2,843x
United Arab Emirates19 Mbps2,866x
Ecuador19 Mbps793x
Dominican Republic18 Mbps807x
Kazakhstan18 Mbps527x
Guatemala18 Mbps562x
Cambodia18 Mbps259x
Paraguay17 Mbps220x
Philippines17 Mbps3,050x
Taiwan17 Mbps2,030x
Bolivia17 Mbps187x
Indonesia16 Mbps4,517x
Oman16 Mbps206x
Morocco16 Mbps1,686x
Nepal16 Mbps377x
Kyrgyzstan16 Mbps178x
Qatar16 Mbps339x
Egypt16 Mbps1,563x
Jordan16 Mbps519x
Saudi Arabia15 Mbps1,649x
Uzbekistan15 Mbps242x
Tunisia13 Mbps747x
Bahrain13 Mbps176x
Algeria13 Mbps694x
Senegal13 Mbps142x
Bangladesh12 Mbps932x
Iraq12 Mbps241x
Kuwait12 Mbps304x
Pakistan11 Mbps1,758x
Azerbaijan11 Mbps265x
Sri Lanka11 Mbps563x
Lebanon10 Mbps1,227x
Mauritius10 Mbps224x
Iran9 Mbps1,180x
Kenya9 Mbps882x
Nigeria9 Mbps2,042x
Reunion9 Mbps107x
Namibia8 Mbps118x
Ghana8 Mbps443x
China7 Mbps4,525x
Angola7 Mbps103x
Zimbabwe7 Mbps184x
Cameroon7 Mbps140x
Rwanda7 Mbps131x
Tanzania6 Mbps216x
Venezuela6 Mbps597x
Zambia6 Mbps107x
Ethiopia5 Mbps237x
Uganda5 Mbps209x
Syria4 Mbps100x


NameSpeedTests done
Ericeira82 Mbps38x
San Francisco81 Mbps49x
Lisbon74 Mbps253x
Gran Canaria65 Mbps347x
Mumbai47 Mbps29x
Ko Pha Ngan44 Mbps735x
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