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The fastest
internet speeds
in the world

4,553,325 internet speed tests measured from Nomad List visitors from 2019-06-11 to today. Showing last 180 days.

Last measured 63 Mbps, 6 hours ago in United States. Last updated 2021-11-29.


Name Speed Tests
Singapore64 Mbps3,161x
Portugal58 Mbps9,063x
Switzerland55 Mbps5,423x
Denmark54 Mbps3,003x
Norway50 Mbps2,692x
Bulgaria50 Mbps2,705x
Sweden50 Mbps4,590x
Netherlands50 Mbps13,471x
Ukraine49 Mbps6,845x
United States49 Mbps144,566x
Hungary48 Mbps2,322x
Canada48 Mbps22,927x
Poland48 Mbps10,168x
Lithuania46 Mbps1,529x
Serbia45 Mbps3,497x
Uruguay45 Mbps840x
Spain44 Mbps17,282x
Germany44 Mbps24,221x
Belgium44 Mbps4,220x
United Kingdom43 Mbps38,733x
Slovakia43 Mbps1,080x
Czechia43 Mbps3,422x
Estonia42 Mbps1,609x
Argentina42 Mbps4,658x
Belarus41 Mbps1,709x
Finland41 Mbps2,669x
Russia41 Mbps16,342x
Slovenia41 Mbps956x
Australia41 Mbps8,596x
Romania39 Mbps5,522x
Austria39 Mbps3,042x
France38 Mbps22,817x
North Macedonia38 Mbps714x
Latvia37 Mbps924x
Hong Kong37 Mbps1,945x
Ireland36 Mbps4,318x
Malaysia36 Mbps2,195x
New Zealand36 Mbps1,799x
Malta35 Mbps854x
Thailand35 Mbps4,213x
Italy34 Mbps11,044x
Bosnia34 Mbps657x
Bermuda33 Mbps110x
Japan33 Mbps3,180x
Croatia32 Mbps2,698x
Moldova31 Mbps415x
Vietnam31 Mbps2,290x
Colombia30 Mbps3,532x
Mexico30 Mbps15,687x
Luxembourg30 Mbps488x
South Africa30 Mbps4,119x
Puerto Rico29 Mbps359x
Montenegro29 Mbps740x
Brazil29 Mbps20,634x
Chile28 Mbps1,354x
Barbados27 Mbps133x
India26 Mbps15,410x
Albania26 Mbps902x
The Bahamas26 Mbps103x
Israel25 Mbps4,006x
Georgia24 Mbps2,106x
Iceland24 Mbps473x
Greece24 Mbps5,070x
Costa Rica23 Mbps1,318x
Trinidad and Tobago23 Mbps221x
Nicaragua23 Mbps166x
Armenia23 Mbps511x
Peru23 Mbps1,221x
Panama23 Mbps691x
Jamaica22 Mbps217x
Cyprus22 Mbps1,055x
Turkey21 Mbps7,807x
Honduras21 Mbps187x
Curaรงao21 Mbps173x
European Union20 Mbps840x
El Salvador20 Mbps247x
Ecuador19 Mbps750x
South Korea19 Mbps2,714x
Kazakhstan18 Mbps506x
Taiwan18 Mbps1,914x
Cambodia18 Mbps249x
Dominican Republic18 Mbps777x
United Arab Emirates18 Mbps2,752x
Guatemala17 Mbps534x
Bolivia17 Mbps173x
Philippines17 Mbps2,925x
Paraguay17 Mbps211x
Nepal16 Mbps361x
Morocco16 Mbps1,598x
Uzbekistan16 Mbps233x
Oman16 Mbps196x
Egypt16 Mbps1,479x
Indonesia16 Mbps4,280x
Kyrgyzstan16 Mbps173x
Jordan16 Mbps492x
Qatar16 Mbps325x
Saudi Arabia15 Mbps1,562x
Tunisia13 Mbps719x
Algeria13 Mbps663x
Senegal13 Mbps136x
Kuwait12 Mbps291x
Bahrain12 Mbps165x
Iraq12 Mbps230x
Bangladesh12 Mbps881x
Pakistan11 Mbps1,672x
Mauritius11 Mbps211x
Sri Lanka11 Mbps539x
Azerbaijan10 Mbps249x
Namibia10 Mbps102x
Lebanon10 Mbps1,176x
Reunion10 Mbps102x
Iran9 Mbps1,135x
Nigeria9 Mbps1,910x
Kenya9 Mbps843x
Ghana8 Mbps421x
China7 Mbps4,339x
Rwanda7 Mbps125x
Zimbabwe7 Mbps181x
Cameroon7 Mbps138x
Venezuela6 Mbps574x
Tanzania6 Mbps205x
Ethiopia5 Mbps222x
Uganda5 Mbps199x


Name Speed Samples
San Francisco90 Mbpsn=101
New York City76 Mbpsn=179
Singapore69 Mbpsn=52
Bucharest69 Mbpsn=77
Sรฃo Paulo64 Mbpsn=84
Seattle64 Mbpsn=83
Bern63 Mbpsn=113
Los Angeles62 Mbpsn=160
Porto62 Mbpsn=98
Barcelona61 Mbpsn=193
Montevideo58 Mbpsn=63
Ottawa57 Mbpsn=198
Atlanta56 Mbpsn=86
Lisbon56 Mbpsn=351
Bangkok55 Mbpsn=129
Zurich54 Mbpsn=81
Berlin53 Mbpsn=735
Kyiv53 Mbpsn=101
Denver53 Mbpsn=64
Washington52 Mbpsn=1,819
Budapest52 Mbpsn=128
Phoenix52 Mbpsn=116
Amsterdam51 Mbpsn=250
Paris51 Mbpsn=560
Prague51 Mbpsn=96
Toronto50 Mbpsn=87
Belgrade47 Mbpsn=138
Madrid46 Mbpsn=181
Krakรณw45 Mbpsn=54
Copenhagen45 Mbpsn=70
Saint Petersburg45 Mbpsn=63
Stockholm44 Mbpsn=90
Zagreb44 Mbpsn=87
Vienna43 Mbpsn=69
Sofia42 Mbpsn=71
Dublin42 Mbpsn=109
Warsaw41 Mbpsn=136
Tokyo40 Mbpsn=62
Brussels40 Mbpsn=103
Oakland39 Mbpsn=79
Canberra38 Mbpsn=58
Helsinki37 Mbpsn=60
Mexico City37 Mbpsn=370
Split36 Mbpsn=92
Jerusalem35 Mbpsn=61
Moscow34 Mbpsn=143
Yerevan33 Mbpsn=51
Dubai33 Mbpsn=98
Rome31 Mbpsn=91
Playa del Carmen28 Mbpsn=50
Canggu28 Mbpsn=57
Delhi26 Mbpsn=84
Istanbul26 Mbpsn=138
Bordeaux25 Mbpsn=53
Brasilia25 Mbpsn=292
San Josรฉ25 Mbpsn=51
Bogota24 Mbpsn=73
Tbilisi24 Mbpsn=158
Athens23 Mbpsn=140
Tel Aviv20 Mbpsn=74
Ko Samui20 Mbpsn=159
Ankara19 Mbpsn=54
Jakarta18 Mbpsn=63
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