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The fastest
internet speeds
in the world

4,039,058 internet speed tests measured from Nomad List visitors from 2019-06-11 to today. Showing last 180 days.

Last measured 63 Mbps, 17 seconds ago in France. Last updated 2021-06-13.


Name Speed Samples
Singapore69 Mbpsn=4,742
Denmark64 Mbpsn=4,358
Sweden63 Mbpsn=6,834
Norway55 Mbpsn=3,935
Uruguay55 Mbpsn=950
Netherlands54 Mbpsn=18,714
Hungary53 Mbpsn=3,612
Poland53 Mbpsn=13,456
Bulgaria53 Mbpsn=3,444
Switzerland53 Mbpsn=7,935
Ukraine52 Mbpsn=9,649
United States50 Mbpsn=240,412
Belgium50 Mbpsn=6,194
Germany49 Mbpsn=36,518
Finland49 Mbpsn=3,932
Canada49 Mbpsn=39,160
Estonia49 Mbpsn=2,005
Argentina48 Mbpsn=6,979
Slovenia48 Mbpsn=1,279
Spain48 Mbpsn=28,006
United Kingdom47 Mbpsn=53,809
Czechia47 Mbpsn=5,880
Portugal47 Mbpsn=12,287
Lithuania47 Mbpsn=2,789
Japan43 Mbpsn=5,749
France42 Mbpsn=32,202
Ireland42 Mbpsn=6,937
Hong Kong42 Mbpsn=3,092
Serbia42 Mbpsn=4,318
Slovakia41 Mbpsn=1,924
Belarus41 Mbpsn=2,992
Romania40 Mbpsn=7,770
Austria38 Mbpsn=4,186
Russia38 Mbpsn=18,831
Malaysia38 Mbpsn=3,293
Italy38 Mbpsn=16,232
North Macedonia38 Mbpsn=1,082
Malta36 Mbpsn=1,341
New Zealand36 Mbpsn=2,598
Latvia36 Mbpsn=1,115
Bermuda35 Mbpsn=162
Croatia35 Mbpsn=3,273
Moldova34 Mbpsn=572
Vietnam34 Mbpsn=3,240
Thailand34 Mbpsn=6,602
Belize33 Mbpsn=118
Bosnia33 Mbpsn=802
Montenegro32 Mbpsn=610
Puerto Rico30 Mbpsn=605
Colombia29 Mbpsn=5,792
The Bahamas29 Mbpsn=159
Albania28 Mbpsn=1,252
Australia28 Mbpsn=13,268
Brazil27 Mbpsn=37,875
Chile27 Mbpsn=2,198
Luxembourg26 Mbpsn=805
Barbados25 Mbpsn=268
Mexico25 Mbpsn=17,948
Greece25 Mbpsn=6,545
Aruba25 Mbpsn=126
Israel24 Mbpsn=4,843
Isle of Man24 Mbpsn=106
Iceland24 Mbpsn=554
Trinidad and Tobago24 Mbpsn=278
Qatar24 Mbpsn=591
Jamaica23 Mbpsn=359
Peru23 Mbpsn=1,787
Dominican Republic22 Mbpsn=1,156
Georgia22 Mbpsn=1,529
South Africa22 Mbpsn=6,695
Panama21 Mbpsn=1,039
Turkey21 Mbpsn=11,759
Costa Rica21 Mbpsn=2,353
South Korea21 Mbpsn=4,698
El Salvador21 Mbpsn=347
Nicaragua20 Mbpsn=193
Cyprus20 Mbpsn=1,385
Honduras20 Mbpsn=348
India20 Mbpsn=23,508
Myanmar19 Mbpsn=186
Ecuador19 Mbpsn=1,371
Armenia19 Mbpsn=562
Indonesia19 Mbpsn=6,821
United Arab Emirates18 Mbpsn=4,611
Curaรงao18 Mbpsn=353
Guatemala17 Mbpsn=911
European Union17 Mbpsn=1,093
Paraguay17 Mbpsn=438
Morocco17 Mbpsn=2,529
Taiwan17 Mbpsn=2,867
Egypt16 Mbpsn=2,588
Jordan16 Mbpsn=639
Saudi Arabia16 Mbpsn=1,964
Kazakhstan15 Mbpsn=852
Kyrgyzstan14 Mbpsn=313
Cambodia14 Mbpsn=391
Kuwait14 Mbpsn=614
Bolivia13 Mbpsn=264
Tunisia13 Mbpsn=981
Seychelles12 Mbpsn=169
Mongolia12 Mbpsn=157
Bahrain12 Mbpsn=318
Azerbaijan12 Mbpsn=347
Philippines12 Mbpsn=4,914
Libya12 Mbpsn=100
Oman12 Mbpsn=352
Uzbekistan12 Mbpsn=318
Iraq11 Mbpsn=361
Bangladesh11 Mbpsn=1,463
Nepal11 Mbpsn=595
Guadeloupe10 Mbpsn=175
Maldives10 Mbpsn=160
Sri Lanka10 Mbpsn=670
Brunei10 Mbpsn=116
Ghana9 Mbpsn=622
Pakistan9 Mbpsn=2,913
Senegal9 Mbpsn=211
Cameroon9 Mbpsn=161
Lebanon9 Mbpsn=1,381
Nigeria8 Mbpsn=3,451
Mauritius8 Mbpsn=330
Iran8 Mbpsn=1,570
Rwanda8 Mbpsn=186
Reunion8 Mbpsn=164
Algeria8 Mbpsn=724
China7 Mbpsn=4,053
Kenya7 Mbpsn=1,399
Somalia7 Mbpsn=120
Namibia6 Mbpsn=186
Palestine6 Mbpsn=116
Angola6 Mbpsn=153
Uganda6 Mbpsn=305
Zimbabwe6 Mbpsn=243
Cuba6 Mbpsn=110
Tanzania5 Mbpsn=423
Venezuela5 Mbpsn=891
Mozambique5 Mbpsn=128
Sudan5 Mbpsn=139
Ethiopia4 Mbpsn=427
Zambia4 Mbpsn=193
Syria4 Mbpsn=103


Name Speed Samples
Faro159 Mbpsn=126
Kansas City92 Mbpsn=53
Buenos Aires88 Mbpsn=54
Copenhagen87 Mbpsn=56
San Francisco74 Mbpsn=80
New York City74 Mbpsn=203
Warsaw72 Mbpsn=186
Berlin69 Mbpsn=774
Sydney69 Mbpsn=63
Oslo69 Mbpsn=68
Lisbon68 Mbpsn=388
Los Angeles65 Mbpsn=158
Kiev65 Mbpsn=137
Bern64 Mbpsn=154
Ottawa63 Mbpsn=210
Split62 Mbpsn=53
Amsterdam60 Mbpsn=200
Washington57 Mbpsn=2,626
Singapore56 Mbpsn=53
Prague56 Mbpsn=92
Miami55 Mbpsn=106
Barcelona53 Mbpsn=157
Paris53 Mbpsn=589
Budapest52 Mbpsn=92
Zurich52 Mbpsn=99
Stockholm52 Mbpsn=73
Seattle52 Mbpsn=79
Perth51 Mbpsn=57
Atlanta49 Mbpsn=79
Funchal49 Mbpsn=66
Denver49 Mbpsn=66
Brussels48 Mbpsn=120
Dublin48 Mbpsn=88
Chicago48 Mbpsn=50
Tenerife46 Mbpsn=68
Saint Petersburg46 Mbpsn=79
Zagreb46 Mbpsn=51
Belgrade42 Mbpsn=62
Tokyo41 Mbpsn=90
Wellington40 Mbpsn=53
Bucharest40 Mbpsn=85
Brasilia40 Mbpsn=430
Mexico City39 Mbpsn=495
Toronto38 Mbpsn=111
Madrid37 Mbpsn=243
Canberra37 Mbpsn=64
Moscow36 Mbpsn=121
Porto35 Mbpsn=55
Bogota35 Mbpsn=88
Bangkok35 Mbpsn=214
Sรฃo Paulo34 Mbpsn=128
Hanoi33 Mbpsn=79
Oaxaca32 Mbpsn=70
Rio de Janeiro32 Mbpsn=60
Vienna31 Mbpsn=67
Playa del Carmen31 Mbpsn=189
Canggu30 Mbpsn=86
Medellรญn29 Mbpsn=58
Tbilisi29 Mbpsn=54
Dubai29 Mbpsn=93
Rome28 Mbpsn=73
Bridgeton28 Mbpsn=58
Ko Samui28 Mbpsn=51
Puerto Vallarta26 Mbpsn=51
Athens24 Mbpsn=116
Cape Town23 Mbpsn=83
Chiang Mai23 Mbpsn=52
Delhi23 Mbpsn=102
Jakarta22 Mbpsn=65
Florianopolis21 Mbpsn=110
Newport Beach21 Mbpsn=89
Santiago21 Mbpsn=73
Istanbul20 Mbpsn=131
Tulum20 Mbpsn=54
Ankara18 Mbpsn=52
San Josรฉ17 Mbpsn=84
Taipei17 Mbpsn=93
Cairo15 Mbpsn=86
Kampala3 Mbpsn=53
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