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Machine learning and computer vision @gifscom, 👨‍🎓 @UCBerkeley @epfl

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What do you think I should do with Nomad List?


by @levelsio |  | 57 comments

Nomad List has passed 200,000 monthly users this month, after being launched just a few months ago.

Since the launch I’ve worked hard to make the site better. But apart from improving the list itself, I’ve expanded by organizing meetups for nomads everywhere, launching a chat group, a forum w/ AMA with remote startups, a job board with remote jobs , and a blog with interviews with famous nomads.

I have a few more plans written down, but I’m mostly interested in your ideas where I should steer this ship, and also any feedback on what I’ve been doing right, and more interestingly: wrong. :slight_smile:


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