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Has anyone tried to apply for a non-lucrative residence visa in Spain?


in Spain by @i_am_aileen |  | 29 comments

Hey everyone,

Iโ€™m planning on moving to Spain and Iโ€™d like to connect with those who have tried to apply for this special type of long-term visa called as โ€œnon-lucrative residence visaโ€.

Going from what Iโ€™ve researched so far, itโ€™s a good option for us nomads (more so: business owners) to stay longer in Spain (one only needs to prove steady stream of income of at least EUR 2.2K per month and that you should NOT work for Spain โ€” so letโ€™s say having a U.S. company and staying in Spain is fine).

So : my concerns right now revolve mainly on anyoneโ€™s experiences with applying for this type of visa. How difficult was it? How long did it take you?

Also, Iโ€™m wondering about how I can secure a rental space for a year if my lease depends on the approval from the embassy. Iโ€™m also wondering if Valencia is a good place to stay in?

USD โ”€ $
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