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๐Ÿ—ฏ Forum replies


Is it absurd to travel with an extra monitor in my carry on?

by @joshuaballard |  | 15 comments

Hi all, Iโ€™m about to make my maiden voyage into the digital nomad lifestyle. 2 cities coming up (chiang mai and Cebu)

I work online and can not stand working without at least 2 monitors (preferably more haha)

Is it insane to pack a monitor whilst I travel?

thanks in advance

edit: sorry about the duplicate, I found this thread How do you work without multiple monitors? I can only carry a MBP 15" and ended up ordering an ASUS MB168B+ after reading through.

This forum is certainly helpful!


Help: Canada Taxman (CRA) Coming After Digital Nomad Who Has Not Lived in Canada since 2011. Advice or Recommendations?

in Canada by @bestscifireads |  | 7 comments

Hey guys.

Iโ€™m in the unfortunate situation (and true Digital Nomadโ€™s worst nightmare) where the Canadian tax man (i.e. the CRA) has decided to come calling. And calling hard.

Any recommendations for Canadian Tax Accounts / Tax Lawyers specializing digital nomads / expats / non residents?

Hereโ€™s the deal:

Iโ€™m a digital nomad living in Thailand who has NOT lived in canada since the middle of 2011, and in that time, only been back to canada three times for a brief visit (with a total period between all those years of less than 90 days out of the 5 years).

I make an online income (affiliates, adsense, and such) of which all if it does not derive from Canada. And as stated, I donโ€™t live there anymore and havenโ€™t in many years. I donโ€™t own houses, cars, or anything (I do have a personal bank account though and a DL โ€“ you need those to function mostly). Iโ€™ve only used Canada as my bank account, from which I would send money abroad to live while outside of Canada, which was the entire period of time.

Anyways, the taxman back in Canada doesnโ€™t know this (that Iโ€™m a non resident) and of course has now come to collect. I had income tax demands sent to an address (parentsโ€™) stating I owe a very high five figure balance in income tax and owe it right away.

The whole digital nomad thing has just come to life the past years and when I left Canada in 2011/2010, no one new much about making money online, how to pay taxes when you donโ€™t live in your home country, etc. I was doing this earlier than most (from this forum, I gather itโ€™s common now).

I assume Iโ€™ll probably need a Canadian tax accountant and mayhaps a tax lawyer versed inโ€ฆwellโ€ฆdigital nomads. Iโ€™m going to call the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) and try to explain that I donโ€™t live there and havenโ€™t (and I can prove it), but yea. It may take more than that.

At this point, Iโ€™ve been looking how to properly structure my affairs (creating an Estonian Corp, creating an Thailand corporation) to properly handle how I should structure things in the future, but in the meantimeโ€ฆ

Advice or a recommendation for a specific tax specialist (iโ€™m from BC, Canada if that helps) would be awesome.



Good Eastern European tech and entrepreneurship hubs?

by @gigigriffis |  | 7 comments

Hey guys!

For those of you who have spent time in Eastern Europe, Iโ€™d love to know where youโ€™ve found good tech and/or entrepreneurship communities? My partner and I are going to spend a good bit of time in EE next year and would love to know some good spots for both networking and just finding like-minded people. Would love any tips you can offer, especially on non-capital cities or places that arenโ€™t as well known.


Anyone been Pakistan, Lahore?

in Lahore, Pakistan by @bobz_zg |  | 2 comments

My friend is going to Pakistan for 3 weeks and I was thinking to join.
Anyone been there?
And is it safe to travel around with passport stamped in Pakistan?
I donโ€™t want people to think Iโ€™m trying to join some illegal movement, in short I donโ€™t even want to get in a situation where I need to explain myself.
Even I met few people from Pakistan while traveling, kind of feels like itโ€™s not really most desired Country.


What's the best way to store SIM cards?

by @kathrynoh |  | 11 comments

Is there any kind of gadget out there that people use for storing SIM cards when you move around different countries? They seem like something that would be so easy to lose or damage. Plus also having to keep track of them. I can imagine after a bit of travel, rummaging through my bag trying to find the right card for the country Iโ€™m in!

Is it even worth holding onto them or do you just get a new one if you return to the same country?


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