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Canary Islands Chat - Meet people when traveling in Canary Islands on Nomad List

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There’s a traffic light system with different levels, it’s on the gobiernodecanarias website. I can’t post links because apparently I need to wait 90 days, but if you go there and then click “Covid-19 information” on the left, scroll down to the traffic light icon, you’ll see the different levels for each island
Right now in Gran Canaria / Tenerife it’s the highest level of restrictions but everything is open like normal. It’s just capacity limits in places like bars / restaurants where they have to be at 50% capacity for instance
Maspalomas , Gran Canaria.
🛬 qasxyfjhxhzctsxj just arrived in 🏝 Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, #canary-islands #spain
🛬 ahazqsapf just arrived in 🏝 Gran Canaria, Canary Islands , #canary-islands #spain
🛬 aswoxeznyvmlq just arrived in 🇪🇸 Tenerife, Canary Islands, #canary-islands #spain
Yea I am here atm. It is pretty chill. Leas space in restaurants + masks whenever you aren't eating.
Hello ! I would like to know where is the best spot at grand canarias for difigal nomad ( like corralejo for fuerte)
I’m an idiot for not booking man-facepalmingskin-tone-2 the restaurant for the meet up tonight is fully booked. Anyone who’s joining I'll be waiting outside (wearing all black) when we’re all here we’ll just find another place nearby
I always assumed Spanish folks eat at like 10 so I thought we’d be ok
🛬 izhpxdivkcgazvho just arrived in 🏝 Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, #canary-islands #spain
looks like u guys found another restaurant eventually sweat_smileclap looking forward to joining the party when i'll come to las palmas in three weeks. anyone staying in the south of gran canaria these days? 🙃
Was awesome ! The 1am closing times suck though, but hopefully they'll end them soon
vxhnxgzycbsysd Hard to say, it depends what you like in a place. For me I like a place with a wide assortment of cafes with comfortable chairs, fast wifi and great coffee ☕️ My experience in Las Palmas has been good for that so far, there’s quite a few places along the beach that I go to which have that kind of set up (I’m typing this from Paparazzi Restaurant right now by the beach)
I’ll get there too from Fuerteventura on Feb 5, will stay in Vecindario until Mar 3. Happy to meet up with you folks for 🍻
is vecindario a nice place to stay? have you been there before?
Haven’t been there before, first time in Gran Canaria. 😬
Hello guys/gals I am planning to spend the month of February in Tenerife, do you know a good plan to rent a place for a month?
Airbnb if you can afford it. Coliving is expensive. Hostels are cheaper, but only really exist in the south
What is the avg price?
900 per month
for colivings, if you get a room in a dorm it's more like 700
🛬 cxzpadnjo just arrived in 🏝 Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, #canary-islands #spain
Hey guys, I just arrived in Las Palmas. :wave::skin-tone-2:
Anyone up for a beer in the coming days? 🍻
Hey izpbozapb a few of us are heading out this evening if you fancy joining. Meeting around 8pm near La Casa Roja
Sounds great! Count me in. Thanks prthnesafujefbfw
I can give more updates later, I just know we’re meeting around there. puqaozheiqspv are we meeting inside La Casa Roja later?
🛬 lovcskvi just arrived in 🇪🇸 Tenerife, Canary Islands, #canary-islands #spain
Hello nomads, I just arrived in Santa Cruz. Anyone up for a beer/coffee/spontaneous trip in the coming days? beerspalm_tree I plan to stay on the island until March.
Hey guys ! I was in fuerte last year for the spring. I’ve just checked for this year and it looks like the price increase like crazy ( 300 to 1000 for a car for a month) and appartment. Do you have the same feeling ? Thanks
Tenerife car rental went from 300 to 700 per month, so yap!
I blame tourists coming back 😐
Where are you guys renting cars for £300 a month 😂 I’ve been paying anywhere between £45-80 a day (but I would usually hire just on weekends)
Anyone here on the islands surfing/working in February and March? Would love to check out either Fuerteventura or Tenerife depending on better surf man-surfingskin-tone-4
Booking a car online is insanely expensive. If you go to a local agency, you’ll get cheaper prices. A buddy of mine just rented a car in Puerto de la Cruz for 40 Euros per day
Hi guys, i'm thinking about going to tenerife in february. Any experiences and would you recommend to go this time of the year? :)
My favourite experience in Tenerife was waking up super early and driving up into the Parque Natural Corona Forestal and watching the sunrise over the clouds. It’s one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen. Google “tenerife sea of clouds” to see what i mean
Hiking, stargazing, Volcano tour
On cicar or’other website you had month offer. For sur per day was more expensive
I really enjoyed staying in La Laguna, the center is probably the best place in Tenerife for Nomads (chill vibe, walkable, cafes, young people, everything open till late) but has its downsides (colder, more rainy, less English speakers, no beaches).

The South is for mass tourism, some great beaches but with an awful backdrop (think overweight pale skin sunburnt britons retirees on mobility scooters, beach clubs blasting EDM next to a Burger King, patrons trying to reel you in their $1 beer establishments...), can't imagine networking here but there's some pockets of quietness (I liked Playa del Camison) and can be ok for an occasional visit.

Santa Cruz is a middle ground, lots of locals working there and lots of tourists, its seaside is ruined by the port/shipyards but has good beaches nearby (Playa de Las Teresitas).

The North in general is more wet and lush while the South dry and rocky, you can observe how it changes if you drive around the Teide route, tons of hikes there too.
“overweight pale skin sunburnt britons retirees on mobility scooters,” yeah it’s quite an eyesore 😅
Hello ! I am looking to stay mi fev mi march in fuerte again. Last time it was spring. Do you if there is still lot of digital nomad in fuerte ? Everything is open like spring ?
Hey all, I’m currently in Tenerife (Santa Cruz) for a few months, my first DN trip together with my partner. I have a slightly random question but what does everyone normally do after work? It’s often not that warm and gets dark fairly early so I find myself doing a lot of the same things as at home (shopping, cooking dinner, watching Netflix). I’d be really interested to hear what people do instead. 🙂
When I was in Santa Cruz I did nothing at all except exactly what you described. It was boring as hell and depressing, Personal opinion but I don’t think it’s a particularly nice city, i like beaches and oceans and they don’t have any really. Then again I wasn’t on NomadList at the time so found it a bit difficult to meet others
I think I’m in the same boat as you really though I did think it’s a fairly decent city. How does it compare to your favorite places and what would you evenings look like there?
Really most of the benefits of being a digital nomad occur at the weekend, because you can go off and explore new places. I didn’t do much during the week because I was usually working, but on the weekend is where I went full YOLO and explored all sorts of interesting places around the island. Don’t feel pressure to do awesome things during the week, we all have jobs to do at the end of the day 😄
Thanks, yeah we’ve been doing the same. Or just spending a day by the pool instead of freezing to death back in England so I really love that. But hearing that it’s the same for others is really nice. One benefit of SC is that I have the nicest supermarket and market I’ve ever been to in walking distance
I just came back to London after spending 4 months in Canary Islands, was just in Gran Canaria for a month which was amazing, but I think that’s because I met a ton of digital nomads and we just lived it up partyparrot
I heard a lot of good things about Gran Canaria! So far I love the Canary Islands, maybe I should head there next.
adibmwipxphbvrg did you need a visa for spending 4 months?
Luckily I have an Irish passport which I applied for on June 24th 2016 😂
Tenerife is a prettier island IMO, i think there’s a lot of beauty on the island compared to Gran Canaria. But then again when I was driving around GC they had a clima (sand cloud from the Sahara) so it messed up the visibility a lot
Sorry U024DB8JPHD. Yeah we had a Calima here a little while ago but it wasn’t a bad one but I’ve found Tenerife to be really beautiful. But yeah in terms of visa for more than 3 months how did you handle that? Or did you just ignore it?
Ignored it. Also it hasn’t been more than 3 months for me here yet
I’m not sure which Adrian you’re referring to here 😅
but with Irish passport I don’t need a visa
You’re supposed to register if you stay longer than 3 months I think
Really? 😦
Aannnnnd what happens if you don’t 🤭
I’ve no idea tbh!
Hi guys, anyone else at El Médano :ocean:, Tenerife? If you want to have a cerveza, give me a shout 🙂
The good thing about spanish territories is you can legally get high every night if that's your thing!
On Tenerife right now. Santa Cruz is boring af. South is great, there’s always something happening. We’re having a blast everyday after work - going climbing, or surfing, or watching stars near Teide till midnight.
I’ve been down south a few times. and it seemed not that nice. Just loads of sports bars, kebab shops and pubs. Was I just in the wrong area or something?
It is simultaneously that plus full of nomads. You have to deal with the shitty brits on tour tenerife to get the good stuff. I couldn't stomach it personally. Only when i went on the piss.
Yeah I don’t love that either. Tbf I’m quite enjoying SC but like I said my lifestyle is a bit similar to home during the week. For my next trip I’d like something more beachy/resorty but more upmarket maybe. In summer there is much more choice for good weather obviously
I think i actually need DN life to be homelike monday-friday. I would lose my mind a bit otherwise. I'm a sucker for routine. I like to have my work / exercise / food plans to be pretty rigid until Friday afternoon comes
what do you guys normally do in terms food? Cook at your place or eat out?
I'm not that minted so i eat at home Sunday - Thursday. When I get to south america / asia I plan on never cooking again! 😂
I'm currently in Puerto de la Cruz and I do lots of stuff during the week as well as on the weekends. It depends on the destination but I always try to find a couple of restaurants/ cafes to go to, a group of friends and some fun activities. This time I met new people at a surf school (during the week) and asked them if they wanted to hang out. From there we planned communal activities like hiking Teide and checking out different beaches on the island. The more people you know, the more fun it gets. Another thing is to travel with Nomads you already know. That way you already have someone to hang out with
That makes sense, I’m terrible at meeting new people tbh. Being somewhere where there is more of a nomad community could be good for that I suppose. I checked for meetups and the like here and there is not much going on. Since I’m with my partner it’s quite easy to just stay in your little bubble
It's always easier to stay in the comfort zone. The good thing about traveling is the sheer amount of people you meet. Even if you consider yourself bad at meeting people now, what do you think will happen if keep meeting new people...

Going to meetups is a great start. In case you can't find any, see if you can organize one. You might be surprised to see how many people are around and have been waiting for a meetup to show up on their radar.
That’s a really good idea, I should have a look if there are any guides for something like that. Can’t say I really have any idea how to set something like that up
It's pretty easy, nomad list has a tool. Also worth jumping on the facebook pages for the coworking spaces in tenerife. You'll find links to whatsapp groups and stuff on there.
Awesome, thanks - I don’t really have an FB account but I might get one if it’s worth it for that.
You have to bite the bullet for travelling. Just set a photo and leave the rest blank! Avoid all that boomer newsfeed bullshit
Look for a couple of cafés/ restaurants/ bars/ clubs in town. Ideally in a central location so that people can join in easily. Make a reservation for 5 - 10 people and post in on Facebook/ Nomadlist/ Meetup etc. to get a reaction. Pick a time that works for people who work and see who responds. Change your reservation accordingly and have fun
Awesome, thanks for the tips. And do you guys recommend using coworking spaces to meet people as well?
If you can afford it, totally. Me and my GF didn't in tenerife and we suffered the same problem as you. Now we're in Paphos, Cyprus and we spend two days a week in Hugge coworking which has immediately made everything better. More social, more structured work day, more dopamine when you finish,
I might give that a go then as well then, it seems there are quite a few in SC. Thanks so much for the advice though everyone ❤️
Hugge has this cool membership called 'Social' which gets you access to all the social activities, all the facilities and a desk to work at for 2 days a week for only 80 Euro a month. Super worth it.
Didn’t realize they do activities and the like as well
Hugge has a little gym and beer on tap! Plus yoga, hiit and hike meetups. Yeah man, coworking can be a real social hub. Not just a desk.
I doubt I’ll find anything quite like that in SC but I’ll take a look!
Hey guys, I’ve got another question. What’s the best way to get to Masca, I can’t seem to find a good answer online. Should I drive there super early in the morning or get a bus?
It won't be too busy now, no need to go super early unless you want sunrise. Driving is fucking hellish but you won't forget it!
Awesome, thanks. I’ll let you know if i survive it 😂
Car rental is super expensive. Make the most of it and tour the entire island. Also make sure it has a decent clutch and handbrake. You'll be doing hill starts for 2 hours and the wind up masca is no joke. I reco driving down to Los Gigantes for lunch / dinner afterward.
The Road to Masca is brutal, expect to have to manoeuvre a lot and give way to buses, reverse 5 cars back and eek past other vehicles as the roads are so narrow
Just make sure you’re super comfortable with the car, and the smaller the car the better I think
^^ Although an engine under 1ltr will make those hills harder. Best to go one up form the cheapest option at rentals
The saddest part of my Masca journey were the countless “NO DRONE” signs almost everywhere. I intended to get some nice arial shots but the locals there _clearly_ have had issues with drone users in the past
🛬 ntcubyoczi just arrived in 🏝 Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, #canary-islands #spain
I stopped at one of the viewpoints with a bunch of “NO DRONE” signs, just to admire the view.. and there were probably 3 people flying their drone there at the same time (out of like 8 people total) 😅
It’s those sorts of people that are gonna lead to a blanket ban on consumer drones 🙄
The laws are strict enough already
hello friends, I am coming to Santa cruz de Tenerife tomorrow. does someone know a good coworking place there ? thanks
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