Am I being silly by worrying about getting Zika in Bali? 😕

Bali was at the top of my short-list of places to go DM for 1-3 months until I saw it had the “Zyka” tag on Nomad List :scream: . I’m not super read-up on the whole state of Zyka, other than occurrences of infection being on a decline (for now), but I am a worrisome enough person about such things that it has got me reconsidering. Though, it still seems to not be stopping the rate of DMs visiting Bali…

Is there cause for large concern here, or I am just being a nut? …It’s been known to happen pretty frequently over such things :anguished: :face_with_thermometer: :mask:

Yes. Name a country you’ve been and I’ll give you something to fear.

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I have been in Bali earlier this year (in April) for a month. There has been nothing. I did not have any problems and I did not hear about anything. I worked with a local team in hospitality there. They would have told me if there is anything to worry about.

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Haver a great time :wink:

hahaha, so true. every place has something :slight_smile:
@metamas, if you’re worried, just grab a bunch of the natural mozzie repellent once you land. or make your own. I sprayed myself with a combo of something like lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus oils mixed with water for a few months and it was surprisingly effective (plus it makes your skin feel really cool).

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According to everything I’ve read, Zika is a mild, flulike illness that often doesn’t produce any symptoms at all. It only poses a serious risk to pregnant women, because it causes birth defects. So unless you’ve read something very different, or there’s a chance you’re pregnant, you might be being silly.


I’d be more worried about Dengue than Zika, but as long as you use repellent etc you should be fine. The local stuff (Soffell brand ) works quite well, I’ve been a few times and have never really had an issue with the mosquitos.