How to find a short-term apartment in Rio de Janeiro?

Hi all, I am looking for apartments to rent for 2 months starting in late January 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. I know of AirBnb,,, and one Rio apartment FB group. Any others out there? Thanks

I don´t know exactly in which FB group you are, but there are a couple of others:

Anyway, it´s a tough task to find a cheap and good accomodation in Rio =/

Thank you…much appreciation

Think you have the most important sites.

Focus on Ipanema, Leblon, Copacabana, Leme or Botafogo/Flamengo location wise. In that order :slight_smile: . Ipanema and Leblon are by far the best areas to stay, with the nicest beaches, Lagoa (lake), bars and restaurants. Copacabana is ok. It’s cheaper, but more run down. Leme is a nice small neighborhood (at the end of Copacabana), but it’s quiet and further away from the metro. As you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in Ipanema/Leblon, I would stay in Ipanema/Leblon or somewhere close to the metro. Botafogo/Flamengo are nice in their own way. Botofago has a nightlife as well, but way more alternative.

Make sure to download Uber and Easytaxi. They are great! Get in touch if you have any questions. Spend over 3 years in Rio, so know know my way around & happy to help.

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Amazing info…I didn’t know about EasyTaxi…downloading it now :smile: