Looking for a warm place, possibly near the sea with excellent wifi

hello :wave: I’m planning my next trip (from January/February), and I’m looking for a place where it’s hot, with the sea, and good wifi.
At the moment I live in Paris and work with San Francisco times, so preferably I wouldn’t go to Asia.
I’m thinking, South Africa or South America, what do you recommend?
Thank you

Around US time zones, you could think of the caribbeans (Dominican Republic, Sint Marteen, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands). There are cruise ships that hop on and off those islands if that’s your thing (largest ones have insanely good wifi those days). Cartagena (Columbia) and surroundings are a nice spot as well.

Along EU time zones you could look into Mauritius in the INdian Ocean or the Canarias in the Atlantic?

I loved Costa Rica

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The Canary Islands

hi tamas, any suggestion where to spend 1 or 2 months? nomad working not vacation :pray:t3:

Which ones? That’s my primary concern if I ever have to take cruise ships. I wonder if you can work reliably from a boat lol

I was able to work very reliably for 2 weeks last year crossing the Atlantic from Barcelona to Miami onboard Symphony of the Seas (Royal Caribbean). I was the only working soul at my tiny bootstrapped startup at the time and was able to do everything from customer support, to bug fixing, ssh’ing on a server and deploying to prod in the middle of the ocean :joy:.

I’d recommend you target the newer & bigger ships, or possibly the recently refurbished ones. Sites like CruiseCritics should give you some hints as to internet speed and quality on a particular ship.

Omg that’s crazy! I definitely have to try that! Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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Buenos aires

Florianópolis! It is cheap depending on which part of the island you’re at, hot place during the summer, cool people, a good night life and a safe place overall.

Cape Town is my favorite location, but they’re dealing with rolling blackouts at the moment and the timezone isn’t great for SF based teams. Once their government and Eskom get their sh*t together the timezone challenge might be worth it. It’s an amazing city - geography, people, beaches, music, art, food. The place has it ALL.

I work remotely for a SF company as well, and have chosen Mazatlan. It’s in the CST timezone, on the Sea of Cortez, warm climate, friendly locals, and the coworking spaces have 100mb lines which are good enough for me.

If you are interested, Oahu is great. you would be up around 5am, but be done at 1pm, all afternoon to surf and explore. hit me up if you like, I have a great place to stay.