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Panama City


๐Ÿ—ฏ Forum replies


How do taxes work for perpetual travelers?

by @whirledover |  | 5 comments

Hereโ€™s a question (actually a bunch of related questions) thatโ€™s been a bit of a thorn in my side lately. Iโ€™ve already combed this forum as well as several others but would love some more insight from more knowledgable people.

So, here goesโ€ฆ

Background: Iโ€™m a perpetual traveler and havenโ€™t stayed in a single country longer than 6 months for around 5 years now. Iโ€™m a non-US person so no IRS worries but my country of citizenship (Korea) has a residential tax system and since I havenโ€™t claimed residency anywhere else, it seems possible for my government to claim me as a tax citizen.

Which brings me to my first question: At what point does forming a solid business structure to cover your taxable a** become worth the hassle? $100K/year? At $200K/year? I sort of feel like most governments wouldnโ€™t bother with this because itโ€™s relatively โ€œsmall fishโ€ - thoughts?

And that brings me to another question: If Iโ€™m not needlessly spending time worrying and I should finally pull the trigger and set something up that makes me more โ€œlegitโ€ - even if it requires paperwork - whatโ€™s my best option? Hereโ€™s what Iโ€™ve come up with:

Set up an offshore company - Iโ€™m leaning toward RAK Offshore since it seems to have no paperwork requirements and has no taxes - and use that to hold and re-invest the income I receive while paying myself a nominal amount every month, like $3,000, which I then file Korean (income) taxes for. This makes sense in my head since thatโ€™s roughly the amount I spend every month anyway but would this qualify as tax evasion?

Last question: for all of you who are perpetual travelers and arenโ€™t filing tax returns with your country of citizenship/last tax residency - what are you doing in terms of investing the money youโ€™ve saved? From what Iโ€™ve read, banks will report accounts that hold over a certain amount to the country of the account holder and online brokerage accounts seem to be the same.
Oh, and is the money accrued (without being reported tax-wise) considered black money?!

Okay, Iโ€™m done for now. Apologies for writing a book - Iโ€™m not so learned on this topic. Would appreciate any insights. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Anyone walking around the world while working?

by @michaltakac |  | 8 comments

Hey guys,

Is there anybody who loves walking that much? Iโ€™m thinking about this for about 3 years now, and since I finished university this year, I could possibly plan for this huge trip and start sometime next year. I have no commitments, no girlfriend, some money saved and pretty strong motivation. I like to travel low cost (couchsurfing, exploring cities by walking, cooking own meals, sleep in a tent if needed).

Small background about me: Iโ€™ve been working 5+ years (and still working) as a software engineer remotely (full-stack, web, mobile, VR), trying to not spend everything and save a little here and there (plus some index funds, mutual funds and holding few cryptocurrencies). Walking is big part of my life since itโ€™s something like meditation, great time for creative thinking, research and solving problems. Usually my daily routine involves 10-20km of walking (some in the morning, some in the evening). So far longest stretch was 55km, aiming to raise it to at least 100km during next month. Also love to track everything (Fitbit Charge 2 +

Iโ€™m thinking if itโ€™s possible to walk around the world in 5 years while working occasionally during mornings or evenings (own web/mobile app, writing blog) and at the same time complete a PhD in Process Control (got an offer to work with great professor on an interesting thesis using augmented reality, for which I only need a smartphone, my Macbook and ability to once in a while consult with him over phone/skype).


How good is internet in Cuba?

in Cuba by @vi |  | 6 comments

Hi all,

Iโ€™m going to Cuba in October and I need internet for my work. Iโ€™m concerned with the internet connection in Cuba. Is it possible to have a descent internet connection that I can use to get the work done?

I donโ€™t need to make video calls, I just need to be able to upload my work couple of times per day. I donโ€™t need a lot of bandwidth either.


Is anyone here an "investor" nomad?


by @gizmocaca |  | 22 comments

Hi. Newbie here.
Wondering if anyone here has expertise in being an โ€œinvestorโ€ nomad where you travel and live off investment income? Iโ€™m contemplating fleeing the rat race and wanted to throw out a few thoughts and ideas.

Have a UK passport so donโ€™t get taxed on worldwide income whilst non-resident.
Iโ€™m thinking of residency in Malaysia (MM2H) or Philippines (Retirement visa).

In terms of generating tax efficient income:

  • HK, Singapore and UK donโ€™t withhold tax on equity dividends or preference shares
  • USA doesnโ€™t tax capital gains (but has nasty estate taxes on equities) for non-residents
  • USA debt securities (CDs/corp debt) do not withhold tax (w8-ben)
  • USA based p2p lending should be same as debt securities asset class hence no withholding
  • Eurobonds do not withhold tax on interest payments (look to have a spread of local currency bonds).

Would look to supplement by buying property (have my eyes on a few places in Philippines) to rent out. Would also look to invest in local businesses wherever I find opportunities.

Appreciate any advise or insight people might have!


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