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2013-2015: Work for clients, 2016: Puuush

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๐Ÿ—ฏ Forum topics


What laptop/tablet do you prefer for remote working?


by @roberthopman  | 29 comments


as Iโ€™m looking into buying a new laptop/tablet, Iโ€™m wondering what everybody is using here for work and why?

Mentioning your profession or business, location, travel activities or anything related to this will be appreciated.



๐Ÿ—ฏ Forum replies


Introduce yourself โ€” who are you, where are you and what do you do?


by @coffeeshopceo  | 672 comments

tl;dr: introduce yourself in this thread.

We must all get sick of the same backpacker travel questions when we meet new friends, I know I do.

You know the ones - where are you from, whereโ€™ve you been, where are you going, what do you do, how long have you been doing it - etc.

The novelty of answering these questions wears off after maybe a week, but theyโ€™re nonetheless insightful and no matter how much we hate them, we find ourselves asking others.

So letโ€™s bring the dreaded backpacker questionnaire to NomadForum and introduce ourselves shall we?


  • whatโ€™s your name?
  • where are you from?
  • how long have you been away from home?
  • what do you do?
  • where are you currently?
  • where are you going?
  • what has been memorable for you so far?
  • will you go home anytime soon?
  • what have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
  • [insert your own question here]


No need to answer them all if you donโ€™t want to :smile:
But the more you shareโ€ฆ The merrier!


Starting a SaaS website with paid service -- Best practices for setting up payment collection? (from US)

by @dedalux  | 4 comments

Over the past few months I started doing javascript development work and Iโ€™m trying to build projects for my portfolio. Iโ€™m working on a productivity tool that would have a paid tier for users and Iโ€™m not sure about the best practices for setting up this up for myself in terms of tax efficiency and ways to incorporate.

Right now itโ€™s only me who works on this and I project a modest user base in the beginning with perhaps a few hundred dollars of revenues that I would like to expand ideally. Iโ€™m looking at services like Stripe which has an option for individuals without the need for incorporation.

Meanwhile Iโ€™d like to reach to a point where I can hire some people to develop with me and run operations if thereโ€™s more steady cash flow coming in. Fundraising is also of course an option on the table. I donโ€™t foresee a lot of potential for legal liabilities with this project but Iโ€™d like to be personally protected. Iโ€™d Hence I think incorporation is inevitable down the road.

Iโ€™m not sure if I should incorporate as early as possible, since there is some costs associated with this. But if I were to do this, with US status, I am wondering what should I be looking for to ensure that I can run this well in the long run. If any nomads have had experience with the business side of a personal start-up project Iโ€™d love to hear your opinion and experiences.


What do you think I should do with Nomad List?


by @levelsio  | 57 comments

Nomad List has passed 200,000 monthly users this month, after being launched just a few months ago.

Since the launch Iโ€™ve worked hard to make the site better. But apart from improving the list itself, Iโ€™ve expanded by organizing meetups for nomads everywhere, launching a chat group, a forum w/ AMA with remote startups, a job board with remote jobs , and a blog with interviews with famous nomads.

I have a few more plans written down, but Iโ€™m mostly interested in your ideas where I should steer this ship, and also any feedback on what Iโ€™ve been doing right, and more interestingly: wrong. :slight_smile:


What are the essential apps for digital nomads?


by @coffeeshopceo  | 27 comments

There is a constant flood of new apps for perpetual travellers and digital nomads. However over the years, only a handful have become apps that I habitually use and actually benefit my lifestyle.

Which apps are most essential to your daily lifestyle as a digital nomad?

โ€ข Toshl - Personal Finance App for iOS and Android

โ€œMen lie, women lie, numbers donโ€™tโ€. My spending easily gets out of hand. Being able to track and monitor everything I spend helps me realise when I need to reel it in. Living / travelling in a foreign country where weโ€™re alien to the local currency makes it easy to treat cash like Monopoly money.

Over two years I have become seriously anal about using Toshl. I log every single 1baht expenditure.

With Toshl, you input each expenditure (in local currency) and the app will show your total spend each day in a home/familiar currency. I display my expenditure in USD because I earn in dollars.

I would recommend Toshl to every traveller as it enables uniform logging of your expenses and helps easily monitor a budget when youโ€™re spending in multiple foreign currencies. It does take a good month of daily use to develop the habit of using Toshl, but do try!

โ€ข Beanhunter - Locate the best nearby coffee shops

Hello my name is Adam and Iโ€™m a shameless caffeine addict.

When you rock up in a new city, you need somewhere to work from that serves good java. Beanhunter users rate and review local coffee shops. When you open the app in a new city, itโ€™ll geolocate you and provide a list of local rated cafรฉs. This app has served me well on all my trips, but it isnโ€™t very popular outside of big SEA cities yet - itโ€™s mainly an Ozzy / American thing.

Itโ€™s worth downloading even if youโ€™re not a raging coffee fiend. Beanhunter is free to use. If you only use it once every blue moon, finding a highly rated local cafe hidden in a back alley is 100x better than sitting in yet another Starbucks.

โ€ข Slack - Team communication, chat

Iโ€™m sure youโ€™re all familiar with Slack. if youโ€™re not itโ€™s the same platform that NomadChat runs on.

Slack is a relatively new addition to my iDevices. I originally had Skype, which I quickly uninstalled as it was buggy, slow and delayed message sending and receiving.

Slack on the other hand goes balls deep at providing a rock solid chat platform. It works seamlessly across all devices.

We also use Zapier to integrate Basecamp and Helpscout into Slack. Even when staff arenโ€™t chatting we can see one anotherโ€™s key tasks being completed.

Slack can be used 100% free, too. If youโ€™re still using Skype, stop. Seriously.

โ€ข Converter+ - Quickly convert metrics, particularly currency

Converter+ has been in my pocket since I left home. The app quickly and easily allows you to convert length, weight, volume, currency and more.

I use it primarily for currency. The currency rates update each time you open the app (internet required) and you can select your favourite currencies to be displayed each time. If I enter something in baht, itโ€™ll show me the conversion in GBP, USD, PHP, and a bunch of others.

Hereโ€™s a quick screenshot.

โ€ข Other worthy mentions:

  • Basecamp - not the easiest to use on iPhone, but when you simply need to jot down a to-do on an open project itโ€™s ok
  • AirAsia App - At least in and around Thailand AirAsia have a big presence. Iโ€™ve never booked a ticket via the app but I do quickly search for flights.
  • Paypal - Occasionally the need to see recent sales pops up (often CS related). Other than the occasional convenience Iโ€™ve no need for the app personally.
  • Vivino - Unrelated to travel butโ€ฆ Vivino is a wine community app (similar to Beanhunter). Wine in SEA, particularly Thailand, is overpriced and often not very good. When youโ€™re out with friends or on a date, snap a picture of the wine list with the Vivino app and Vivino will point out which wines are best. You look like a boss ordering a great bottle at a good price.

I'm Mark Manson, Author, Blogger and Entrepreneur. AMA


by @markmanson  | 40 comments

Hey everyone.

My name is Mark Manson and Iโ€™m a professional blogger. My site is Although over the years, Iโ€™ve run a variety of online businesses and projects.

Iโ€™ve been a digital nomad since the Fall of 2009, making it slightly more than five years for me. (You can read what I learned from five years of being a nomad <7>.) In that time Iโ€™ve been to almost 60 countries and learned two languages to near-fluency (Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese) as well as studying a handful of others.

I love the nomadic lifestyle, but Iโ€™ve also been one of the only ones (to my knowledge) who has openly written about the drawbacks and sacrifices involved.

My girlfriend is Brazilian and has been traveling on the road with me since last summer. I feel like relationships is the next frontier for this lifestyle and thatโ€™s probably something Iโ€™m uniquely able to comment on.

I guess thatโ€™s it. Ask away!


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