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Austin Remote Work Forum

Discuss living and working remotely in Austin: The Nomad Pad: Austin Pad is looking for awesome nomads starting April! Any Nomad's want to live in Austin; April, May or June? Sign ups are open for Nomad House Austin

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The Nomad Pad: Austin Pad is looking for awesome nomads starting April!

in Austin , United States by @nomadicpad  | 4 comments

Sign up for Nomad House: Project Austin

Hey Nomads!

So Nomad House: Project Austin is coming together. We found a better house with a better location and living arrangement, and we are just looking for one more digital nomad to join our little experiment from Feb. 1st- Mar. 1st.

Living options:
$900: Private Room

$700: Shared room

The house is at S. Park Dr. and Powell Court in Austin Texas.

To give you an idea of the awesome people youโ€™d be living with, the residence so far are:

@tikhon - Hailing from San Fran (for now!), seasoned developer, specializing in dev/ops, sysadmin and the non-tech side of the startup world such as Fundraising/recruiting/sales. You may be be familiar with the 2 successful start-ups that he co-founded - Scribd + Parse. Avid rock climber, photographer and looking to make another awesome project this time free from VCโ€™s overlord control! Rockin!

@maxholzheu - Hailing from Guatemala, alum of Build Campus in SF. Committed to paving a courageous path to freedom using technology. His life philosophies are *stop planning, start moving *never stop learning. Currently kicking ass as a web developer for Junto Studio, with remote work privileges.

Grayson - Has yet to fork over the $15 to join the #nomad group. But luckily heโ€™s a good friend of mine. We met working at a company is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia called Mindvalley (you may have heard of it). When heโ€™s not helping artist promote themselves with his startup Mumora, heโ€™s either eating street cooked grub in a hole in the wall in South East Asia, blogging about marketing or just being a tall shaggy good dude!

Me - Iโ€™m Brandon, you can check out some of the crazy stuff Iโ€™ve done in the past: like the time I biked from German to India, or the time I became a Thai commerical star! Life is random, I know! Currently working for a startup called Bucketfeet, that makes cool sneakers using designs submitted by artists from all over the world! I convinced them to let me move to Austin and work remote, so let the adventures begin. I also like salsa dancing, personal development books, maps and anything with 2 wheels!

You - Canโ€™t wait to see who are 5th nomad will be!

If you want to be apart of something great, sign up below and letโ€™s build a world free of year leases, boring roommates and coffeeshop refugees.

Sign up for Nomad House: Project Austin


Any Nomad's want to live in Austin; April, May or June?

in Austin , United States by @nomadicpad  | 0 comments

Have been working hard to do my part to solve this nomad housing problem and finally launched Nomad Pad! They say sometimes a drop in bucket can lead to an ocean, so letโ€™s see where this goes. I was able to convince an Airbnb homeowner to unlist her property and dedicate it to the project for the months of April, May and June! There is currently 2 room booked for all of April, from a web worker from San Fransisco & Grayson, meaning there are 2 more beds to claim. We would need an online commitment to stay, and could collect the payment through Stripe 2 weeks prior to stay, but without further ado, The Austin Pad!

Located at South Second and Mary street (, literally a 5 minute walk to South Congress, a really special part of Austin. Nice big table for coworking, wifi, fully furnished, in unit washer/dry, all utilities included. Itโ€™s a 3 bedroom, 4 bed, with 2 bathrooms. Elijah Wood is our neighbor and weโ€™re working to throw events with Capital Factory (two great locate cowork spaces/incubators) in the garage haha.

Monthly rent: $1,000 (private)
Weekly rent: $400

My goal with Nomad Pad is to create the most comfortable, fun and helpful environment possible. Iโ€™ve been a nomad for 6 years, and know what little things can help when moving to a new city. I want the focus to be on personal growth, becoming stronger business owners and really connecting with the nomads of the house! If we get Austin right, itโ€™s a step towards creating a global network of hotel/hostel/houses that serve the nomad community with flexible short-term booking, concierge services and a great community behind it!

Support at, and stay up with the adventures at, and

The goal is to get one Pad right, and then grow as the community dictates.

Excited to see you guys in Austin!!



Sign ups are open for Nomad House Austin

in Austin , United States by @nomadicpad  | 12 comments

Sign up for Nomad House Austin here

So I know itโ€™s an idea that we all have, and judging from the response on this forum, this is the perfect place to get the wheels moving for something like this. So far @atu and I have been discussing how to make a network of nomadic shelters a reality, where anyone in the community can come and live and work from a cool, internet-rich apartment in great cities around the world (with no longterm commitments!). Our thought for a minimum viable product was to simply find a place on airbnb and try to get a group together to live in it. So here I am, starting the hunt for the first candidates in the NOMAD HOME EXPERIMENT: Austin Edition!!

The house I found is awesome!

The place looks perfect, and it has 5 beds, so at $4574 for the month, it would be fairly cheap per person ($914).

So, LET THE RECRUITING BEGIN! Iโ€™m looking for 4 digital nomads who will be in Austin from Jan 6th - Feb 6th, to join in on this experiment, and be the first group to experience the power of a nomadic living arrangement!! The idea is, that we all have our own skills to contribute, and the group is encouraged to motivated each other, hold each other accountable for their goals, create an inspiring environment, work together and document all of the activity from the houses members to be shared here, and on other digital nomadic forums. I think the opportunity to bring like minded nomads together, while solving a housing problem all digital nomads face is monumental!!

For the first month, you could live and work from the Nomad Home Austin, and choose if you want to stay months after. If someone leaves, I will post on here opens, and we will bring in new members. @levelsio has been working on a social network that would bring together people looking for this sort of arrangement, so Iโ€™m trying to be the first property where people can get off this forum and into the world!

Join me in Austin, whether you already are there, or want to help to make this dream a reality, canโ€™t wait to see who fills up the very first first nomad home!

Sign up for Nomad House Austin here

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