As digital nomads, how are you concerned with money transfers?

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I want to know, as digital nomads, how are you concerned with money transfers ? How do you manage this if you are used to send money to your original country ?

There is plenty of options

For most nomads, the problem is getting paid and having the money on hand … for that there is multiple tricks like payoneer (huge fees), paypal (huge fees) or (can’t wait to use bitwage to get paid)

For sending money to your own country or people I would suggest Transferwise and bye bye to almost all the fees in a pretty clever way.

I use Payoneer and I think “huge fees” is an exaggeration.

I use to get my Amazon royalties paid to me. Before using Payoneer, I got bank transfers from Amazon to my Australian bank and was slogged with $30 per payment - ie. if I had sales on the Amazon stores in the US, UK, Canada and a few of the European stores, I’d have to pay $30 per payment.

Payoneer has an annual fee of around $30, I think plus charge 1%. That means I have to earn over $3000 in each store before I lose out. I sometimes go over that in Amazon US but not enough to both changing back to bank payments.

In short, every time you move money anywhere, you will be slogged with fees. That’s how the banking/finance systems work. You can’t avoid fees, well not unless you have a private arrangement that would involve a lot of trust, you can just work out the best options for your circumstances.

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I know Transferwise, i think this is one of the best solution regarding fees.

I discovered and used too, it’s a good way to know when transfer at the right time to have the best exchange rate possible.

But as you said, it’s a mess if you need money on hand.

I heard about, it sounds good. I have to try, any feedback?

You can read my article on the subject:

And my review of Revolut:

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any feedback without promoting your blog ? :slight_smile:

Like a human exchange in this topic :wink:


I use Transferwise for business but not sure if you can use it for personal transfers to yourself (would be nice if you could but I’m sure they are concerned about money laundering). If you are in the US, you can use Venmo for US to US transfers.

Why write again the same thing when it’s available in one click? If you don’t want to read my article then by all means don’t click.

I must admit, I am quite impressed with your site and worth the few affiliates links.

I am interested to the topic and found your data pretty accurate. Would love to chat on #nomads :slight_smile:

Ive been using the Intuit Payment Network for about 2 months, and like it - very small fees! is great.
They take no transaction fees, and it is not fake value proposition, I used it to transfer $6000 with no fees.
It seems they do that as a marketing operation to promote their payment card.

I’ve pretty much exclusively used it for self-to-self payments (IRE->US), they don’t seem to mind! I’ve done 10-15 transactions, with prob 8,000 USD in total over two years.

I’ve recently signed up for Revolut, just as an experiment to see if it’s cheaper than what my Irish bank charges for non-EUR transactions (I’ll try it in Iceland first).

Hi Julien,

I wrote a detailed article about this very topic:

In a nutshell:

There are further details in the article for all these services. And links to further resources on the topic :wink:


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I’m a big fan of Transferwise, I always get nervous about this, but have never had a problem and I’ve sent thousands of dollars through it. :smile:

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I would love to use Transferwise to receive payments, but sometimes I am billing really big companies with whole finance/accounting teams and strict ways of doing things, so I don’t think I can really ask them to pay me using Transferwise…can I?

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