Data sims for Jamaica and Bahamas?

Hi all

Looking to spend a couple of weeks in Jamaica and the Bahamas - Can anyone recommend the best value data sims for either or both countries. Not bothered about calls as will be using Skype.

Thanks - Jon

I recommend Digicel for Jamaica, they have great coverage, fast 3G, lots of branches and an easy online top-up app. I think the alternative is Lime, but I haven’t tried them.

(When are you coming to JA? Say hi!)

Thanks! Will check out Digicel. We will be in Montego Bay from 3rd-12th Jan except for a visit to Kingston 6th-8th. If you’re anywhere in the vicinity let’s have a rum and coke!

Ah, just when I’m briefly back in Europe for the family Christmas and NY period! Oh, well. Have a great time. :slight_smile:

Digicel is definitely the way to go in Jamaica. The SIM card will cost you the equivalent of US$2.00. A 30 day 4GB LTE data plan will run you about US$25.

More info on their website:

I’m in Kingston.

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Hey, a nomad in my country! We should meet.

We should! I’ll be in Kingston for another week or two before heading home for Christmas, then probably in Mo’Bay for longer when I get back…

Are you currently in Kingston?

Cheers for the info