How is Sicily for digital nomads?

Hi all, I was looking for a cool spot in Southern Europe for winter and I’m considering Sicily… Have you ever been there? If yes, how was your experience? If not, why?

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This is something that interests me, too. If my memory serves me right, my research indicated that southern Sicily fares better in winter. (No big surprise there!) The Air B&B sublets seemed reasonable, too. Very interested in what people who have actually done it have to say.

yep, for climate and fares it seems to be a perfect place, but i can’t find many people who actually tried. It’s a lack of offer (no cowo, bad internet etc) or for dome reason it is not appealing to DN?

Maybe there will be someone as more people join the forum. I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending my winter in Sicily at some point, but not before winter 2016/17 as I’ve already made my bookings through autumn 2016. I never use co-working spaces, so if and when the time comes, I won’t be able to provide any feedback on that!

Hi everyone!
Nice to meet you, first of all: my name is Omar and i am Sicilian (i were born in Catania and than lived close to Taormina for something like 20 years).

Actually, Sicily could be a really nice place for a digital nomad, but there are several “problems” that you have to live with every day, if you want to stay there:

  • During the winter, the temperature not are so warm like the Sud America or other tropical place: usually the temperature never goes below the 0 celsius degree, but is pretty cold between November-March (5/10 celsius degree as minimum with maximum 16/18 during the day… not Alaska, but there are warmer place, depending on what you’re looking for);

  • If you not are in one of the big cities (Messina, Palermo, Catania, Agrigento, etc.) it’s really difficult to find a really good connection (for good connection i mean more than 7 M for download and 1 M for upload);

  • You NEED a car. Public transportation is a nightmare, inside and outside the big cities; usually outside the cities there are no public transportation at all for local areas. All the island is connected with train and bus, anyway, so you can move easily, but be in time in always an open problem;

  • People usually don’t speak English so good, just young people could be more skilled, but generally is really hard that an adult is really good in it (as in the other parts of Italy, generally); On the other hand, they will try to understand and help you as much as they can: sicilian are really friendly.

  • During the winter there are really few attractions (not a lot of place where to go as in the other parts in the world), but if you want to come over there, i think that is mainly for the beautiful environment… and that’s amazing.

  • Food is GREAT.

  • The cost of the life for food, accommodation is really really cheap, usually people earn monthly between 1000 to 1500 euros and live comfortably (without a family, of course, if you have a family that amount could be really strict). Anyway, for the digital nomads you can do a LOT of things and there are a LOT of luxury places (like in the Taormina Area) that can provide you really interesting services.

  • Sicily is NOT a well-organised place. Anything could be delayed, not organised in part or at all, and usually people are not so efficient as in northern Italy: the life is pretty slow and this could be a problem, often, but you can breath a really relaxed air over there.

Let met know if you need more specific informations, hope that i could help with these post. Sicily is a beautiful land: live there has a lot of cons, but really few, valuable pros.


I found a nice coworking space in Catania, it is called Vulcanic. There is also a cool hackspace there. I am planning to visit the Impact Hub in Syracuse soon, as i have been told that there is quite an international environment there

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Sorry… the cool hackspace is in Catania, not related to Vulcanic…


Sorry, I just read this now, the last months were quite crazy but know I finally found the project that I will use to boost my career in the next future (i moved to Berlin and i started as Freelance for a Consulting Company that sent me to work at a big corporation that can give me the chance to learn a lot, in the meantime) :slight_smile:

I am really happy to know that in Sicily something is moving, hopefully this could one little step to a brightest future!

(Sorry for grave-digging this conversation)


We are going next month ! :slight_smile: Still pondering which city though…

In my opinion:

  • Nice cities/towns (maybe some have bad connections but are nice to be lived): Taormina, Giardini Naxos, Catania, Siracusa, Cefalu’, Mameni
  • Cities/towns that you should avoid (for crowd, bad connection, bad connection or other reasons): Messina, Palermo, Any kind of little town in hinterland because the connection and the transportation are awful

I am mainly talking about of the cities that i know more of the east side of sicily where i lived, or the cities where i have been. Probably Catania is the best choice for a Digital Nomad for connection, distance from one of the two sicilian airports (the other one is in Palermo). A good deal could be Taormina/Giardini-Naxos; well connected, well served, nice nice place (nicer than Catania, in my opinion, but less option to move).

Let me know if you need other information!

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I visited Taormina this summer for 2 weeks, and the internet was pretty terrible. It was also a hassle to get a sim card – you need to go over to Giardini-Naxos to get one (which is only a 15 minute bus ride). That said, it’s a wonderful, delicious place to be.

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Hi Omar,
nice to connect…
Could you share your process to become a freelance in Berlin? Which area? And are you fluent in German?
Thanks for that

So we finally stayed in Palermo for 1 month and loved it a lot ! In november/december it’s not crowded and the climate is very nice. The city has a lot of soul and there are cool food options. We also found ourselves very close to a pretty nice coffee shop (for terrasse coffee, not for work). The internet was very decent (but asked beforehand).

BTW our host was doing a cool startup so I’ll share it here :

Hi Mattia,
sorry for the VERY VERY late response.

I found the job there through a London agency that contacted me through LinkedIn (Darwin Recruitment, but in the last year a lot of other UK agencies tried to place me and other tech people in Germany).

I was working for HERE Technologies, in the center of Berlin.

I didn’t know and I am still learning German, but for a lot of big tech companies and also startups English is more than enough (also for living is not a problem, in Berlin a lot of people speak it fluently).

Let me know if you need further info via PM, let’s stay on topic here :wink:


I also stayed in Palermo (I’m not a Nomad but location-independent so reply on internet to work) and I totally loved the city. It was wild!

The internet was so-so (Airbnb near the cathedral) and Skype calls were patchy but I could work just fine. I went in March this year and didn’t think it was too crowded. I will definitely go back but may get the host to do a speed test beforehand.

Hey, my airbnb was ok, it was on Pzeta della messinese