Recommendations for the Swiss Alps?

Hi all!

I will be moving to Switzerland a bit earlier than expected and would love to stay in the Swiss Alps for 2-3 weeks. Any of you have any recommendations for a solo traveler that wants to ski in the morning and work on my computer in the afternoon? I need to be mindful of my budget, although I don’t have to live super cheap. Anyone want to join me?

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mindful of budget is hard in switzerland. if you’re going to be living in switzerland anyway, why not go stay in one of the other countries nearby which might be a bit cheaper?

I am a full timer and my company is based in Switzerland, and will help pay for housing there. So just can’t go too crazy haha

Where in Switzerland will you be based? I used to live in Zurich, now based just over the southern Swiss border in Aosta. I think Interlaken is a good affordable choice, you can ski in the Jungfrau Region (Grindlewald First, Kleine Schidigg, Wengen, Murren etc). The train from Interlaken actually goes right to the top of the mountain.

I really like Engleberg for powder - probably my favourite Swiss resort along with Andermatt, although I wouldn’t live in Andermatt.

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I will be in Zurich for about a month as we run our conference mid March - mid April!

Before I have to go to Zurich I was thinking of staying some place like Interlaken - glad to see you recommend it. Would you recommend living in Interlaken then traveling up to the mountains, or would it be worth it to stay in a resort? I enjoy skiing, but am still new to the sport, which is why it is very tempting to live in the mountains and practice every day.

It’s a lot more expensive to live in Grindlewald or Wengen, but good if you want ski in/ski out. The advantage of Interlaken is that you can also get to Murren and the James Bond restaurant. :wink: Why not try Balmers hostel for a couple of evenings and then see what you fancy.

I think if you want a real Swiss mountain experience, I would choose Engleberg. It is really great. It’s old and beautiful, but it is also lively and vibrant.

I lived in the Swiss Alps for almost two years and I highly recommend Lauterbrunnen. It’s in the valley between two ski resorts. Small. And there are some affordable options (like this Interlaken is the nearest “big” city and there’s a great housing option there too ( It’s a bit farther from the ski areas, but you can still be on top of a mountain in about an hour by train/cable car from there. (Lauterbrunnen is more like 30 minutes-ish).


Balmers still exists? Is it still pretty much a big frat house? When I stayed there I was at the funny farm. I’d planned on going to balmers but it was full. Didn’t expect to like FF but had a blast and ended up staying 2 weeks. We’d laugh when the Balmers guys wandered in and then got freaked out by our parties. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure, I actually usually stay in Hotel Artos round the corner, because it has a nice Wellness Centre plus an interesting business model too. It is attached to an elderly care home - you even share the restaurant. The hotel subsidises the care home.

I also tend to drive to Grindelwald or to the Murren cable car when I’m there, so I wouldn’t argue against Lauterbrunnen.

Thanks for the recommendations, going to check some of these places out!

Thank you! Loving the recommendations and some of your other blog posts

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Thanks gigi! I followed your link to your site and purchased your Swiss travel guide. Great source of information!! Just what I needed. Priced just right. Awesome. Thank you!

Hi Gigi - just wanted to let you know I will be staying with Vera and her goats. Really excited for this little mountain retreat. Thank you for the recommendation!

Excellent! The farmhouse is so great. Enjoy!

I moved to Lucerne because there you have a small city and you can go out in the evening and it’s close to the mountains for skiing. I would say Lucerne is the most beautiful city in the world :wink:
from Lucerne you have the spots Engelberg/Titlis, Klewenalp, Hasliberg, Sörenberg, Melchseefrutt which is all about 30-45 minutes from Lucerne centre. so easy to ski in the morning and working in the afternoon. I’m loving it.
houseing you can find easely over airbnb.

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I’m currently in Lavaux (Lausanne) area if someone wants to meet :slight_smile:

I lived in Montreux for a few months but wouldn’t really recommend it for much more than a quick day trip. Lausanne is a lot more fun and lively.
You could stay in Annemasse which is in France (so cheaper) but just a few minutes away from Geneva. From there you could do day trips to Lausanne and Geneva.

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Also from Genève / Annemasse area you can easily (1h train, 40 min car) reach Chamonix / Megève / Sallanches and also the Chablais area (Avoriaz, Evian…) so you have access to both sides of the lake.