Where to stay in Tokyo?


Any hints on good places to stay in Tokyo? Ideally near a friendly co-working space.

We are two people. We would prefer renting on a weekly basis so we can try things out the first week and then stay maybe for a month.

– Christian

PS: This fine article recommends airbnb and some houses catering to exchange students but I was looking for something a bit more specific:


I’m not sure if it helps, but I’ll post a link to the airbnb we used. It’s has metro stations, restaurants and everything you need nearby. I could see myself living easily in that area, but it’s definitely not a tourist place. A quick googling suggests that some coworking spaces are 30-40 minute metro ride away.

Thanks - the place is not available for booking until the end of July though. But it seems like we will probably end up with AirBNB - at the moment we are at an APA Hotel.

You can check http://tokyocheapo.com/business/drop-in-coworking-spaces-tokyo/ for coworking spaces. The rest of the site also has plenty of tips about Tokyo.

I live in Shimokitazawa and recommend the neighborhood highly. It’s convenient to most places in Tokyo without being in the bustling area of steel and glass. Lots of great restaurants and cafes too. There’s a small coworking space called Open Source Cafe with a 1,000 JPY daily rate including a coffee or other drink. They also have a monthly membership for 10,000 JPY.

Yeah, I have visited the neighbourhood and it has a good vibe. Definitely a hip area, but hip areas have good places to eat. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hints.

We are still looking for more permanent accommodation - currently staying in an airbnb - but the value is no so good - price wise about the same as a business hotel.

Ps: can anyone recommend a gym in Tokyo that allows (cheap) drop in trainings and where the lack of residency is not a problem?

If I remember correctly, it is easy to drop in at Gold Gyms, but they are not cheap, like JPY1600 for one time.