Would you try living and working on a sailboat in Lake Balaton, Hungary?

hi All!

Me and my girlfriend are running a boutique creative agency in hungary (i’m originally art director, and she is from the client service side), our hobby is sailing, and accordingly we just spent our profit on buying a brand new sailboat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We love travelling, so we were not really interested in buying a static house like most of other young couples do.

The yacht is called milky way, sleeps 6 persons (fits 12), has 2 bedrooms, plus one living room w/ kitchen, and one bathroom as well (with shower and toilet of course). She lives on Lake Balaton, at the central marina of Balatonfüred (the most popular city at the lake). She uses green energy only - she goes with the wind smooth and quiet.

Now i’m thinking if i could combine “pleasure + networking + some business” by giving the boat for rent for exclusively nomads like you or us:)
I’m curious if it would be interesting for some of you.

My questions are:
- Would you be interested spending 1-2 (or more) weeks on the yacht?
- Would you prefer more doing it e.g. at the mediterranean sea instead of lake balaton?
- Would you be okay to pay around 1000 usd / week / person? (this price is special, way under the current market)

Let me share some more details:

We are planning to transport the boat to the mediterranean sea next year, where it could be possible to cruise around nice countries and islands (crete, sicily, malta, mallorca, …). It’s more tempting for me, because i already know balaton very well. That’s why i’m asking your opinion. So thanks in advance in case of any comments, questions, or whatever other activity below!:slight_smile:


Well, as someone who is planning on buying a boat, here are my thoughts:

  • I am interested in living on a boat, and plan to, but not on a lake.
  • $1k/week seems REALLY high and I wouldn’t pay anything near that much. It cost me less than $1.5k to sail from St Lucia to Portugal over the course of 2 months. If i’m going to drop that much in a week it will be for a vacation, not work, and that would have to be all-inclusive.
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thanks Mandy,
yeah, maybe you are right about the cost. i was calculating from the existing prices on the market, and made it cheaper (a similar boat is around 300 USD/day without skipper).
but thats right it is a holiday price, too much for working holiday…
what would be the correct pricing? half of it?

I’ve done this several times in Greece. Paid ~€350 a week. Don’t remember type of the yacht (was 3 “bedrooms”, shower, small kitchen). My mindset was like: bit of work in morning/late afternoon, sailing during the day. So less work than I usually do.


I also own a sailboat, but it is a very old classic sailing yacht and much much larger than the Bavaria 33. I rent it for anything between 350-500 Euro per person per week and that works okay most of the time. For longer stays I am certainly making better prices. But the costs to maintan a boat like this are around 15-20.000 Euros a year. And that does not even inlcude my own costs of living.

So if anyone here is interested in spending some time on my boat, let me know. http://vega-sailing.de.

I also offer it for workawayers and have a profile on workaway.info.

Best regards to everyone around here :smile:

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I love sailing, and I have lived aboard for a while.
Having said that, I would never ever pay around 4K a month sharing a 50/60/70K boat (used).
The rationale is that the owner would recover the investment in 1,5 to 3 years (at the most) while having only one person renting. Having two or three people paying rent means you’d pay your boat in less than a year. That’s an insane ROI, even taking into account the maintenance and any other costs.
Of course, this applies mostly for a digital nomad living and working aboard. That’s a whole different type of customer than a person having a 1-week vacation on a beautiful boat like yours.

Almost by definition, a nomad lives frugally. 4K a month per person just for rent is far, far from frugal.

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hi guys,
thanks for the helpful answers for all of you!

Ramiro, that would be really insane ROI:) but the reality is not that bright.
the barriers are:

  • the season is only around 2-3 months here.
  • my mistake, but i was planning exclusivity, not shared trips, (cheap cruising trips mean putting as much people as the number of berths). so i would have said “per occasion” instead of “per person”
  • skipper’s fee
  • marina fees
  • fuel
  • maintance fees… (every little spare component is insanely expensive)

i was thinking on something “luxurious” week, when the renter has the whole boat with skipper, and s/he decides where to go and what to do day by day.

it’s costly, so i was unsure if someone would spend that amount of money here in my home country. to be honest i myself would spend it someplace else as well.

i’m realizing that i should not try mixing this kind of pleasure with business now.
will be better to receive friends, and invoice Zero. :smile:


HI Gabor,

We are an English family that own a house in Balaton. We always spend our summers there. We usually rent a yacht but have frequently been let down.
We would be interested in hiring the boat on a daily basis but with a skipper.
We will be in BalatonFured from July 27th to Aug 15th.

Laura :smile:

Interesting, nobody commented on productivity.

I used to liveaboard and work on my 37 foot yacht. I ended up selling her as it just wasn’t a productive way to live. At the time I had committed to founding a new startup and I ended up moving cities and left the boat, eventually selling her rather than to sail her to the new city and live at the marina.

In this case it was only two of us onboard and it could easily get crowded, I mean you spend a lot of time each day packing and unpacking gear, so much time maintaining the boat and provisioning it. And while underway, reliable Internet connectivity was an issue.

I can see it working if you have a flexible 10-20hrs/week work routine, but I doubt it’d work for 30/40+hrs/week.

I know plenty of people who liveaboard and work full time. It isbkike with any other lifestyle, you have to set up a routine or it won’t work.