Are there digital nomads traveling by car?

My initial plan was/is to travel by car from my hometown (Groningen, The Netherlands) to South East Asia. This will be the best trip based on cultures, landscapes and achievement.
The downside is all the visas you need for the countries in the middle of this trip. The hassle and the costs.

The alternative, what is in a name, is to start in Costa Rica. Hitting North America with a counter clockwise round. And then the same for South America.

Till now a dream trip, but I cannot get them out of my head.
For my I rest my hunger by living in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia for half a year.

But still looking t all the option for make this happen, eventually.
So, any Digital Nomads traveling and living form their car here?

Dude, I’ve always wondered about taking my car on an international road trip! I love my janky little Honda Civic and a lot of my favorite life experiences have been road trips in it. My 2 month road trip through America was absolutely one of the most memorable things I’ve ever done.

I also just love having a car (I know, I know, that’s not very Digital Nomad of me) as it’s frequently served as a much-needed 3rd space for me outside of “home” and “workspace” And there’s something about traveling by car that allows you to really soak in your environments.

But yeah, I’ve never thought much more about traveling with a car internationally because it’s always seemed like a hassle. Wasn’t sure about car insurance, driving laws, licenses, safety, etc. If anyone has had any experience, I’d love to hear from them too! Was thinking it’d be fun to drive around the U.S., through Mexico, maybe all the way down to Central or South America…

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I was looking for a Toyota Landcruicer with rooftent and inboard kitchen. But a Civic will also bring you further.

The best part is that you can go, stop and stay anywhere you want. Where traveling with a backpack only brings you where bus takes you.
The option to spend the night at a deserted lake in a rural area, whaoow!

And every now and then stop at a village to get connected. There are external wifi antennas available to pick up signal from a long range. Like!

And of course a great battery on the car to juice the laptop, to work on.

Onboard kitchen?? And rooftent, and external wifi antennae? Holy shit, that would be awesome!

At that point, you’ve basically got a more lightweight RV. A mobile home, ready for anything.

Stuff like this:
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There are tons of people who do this. Look up overlanders and such. Here is a fun one for example who traveled around the world over several years in a VW van (and they aren’t nearly the only ones).

I know. And I follow a bunch of the for a long time.
Like, a Dutch couple traveling for years an years and years.

Me and my Toyota FJ Cruiser…make sure you have proof of ownership and insurance. If you are still making payments, then you need a document from the Lender giving you permission to take the vehicle across borders. Double-check that your driver’s license is permitted (and IDP is also helpful, but it’s not a license). Stay out of any area markerd “Forbidden”. Keep in mind that border stations may not be open 24hrs, and watch for opposite lane driving across the border!
Have fun!

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You also need a carnet for most countries other than the US. This will cost 3x to 4x the MSRP of the vehicle. It’s a very, very big investment, but smaller than paying import duties in each of the countries you pass through and waiting ages for customs to clear the import, especially in countries like India where you wouldn’t be allowed to import the vehicle at all otherwise. The carnet is refundable, but unless you’re traveling on an old motorcycle, it’s going to be a significant up-front cash investment before you can get started. This is the only thing holding me back from riding a motorcycle Calcutta - London :slight_smile: Need to save up a ton more cash first.

I just bought a car here in Ecuador!
The back is empty, so we are looking for a workshop and a handyman to help us build this great bus into a lean camper.

And then… we hit the road. Peru, Bolivia and maybe even further. We will see.

You can always rent a vehicle and return it in another city.
STA Travel caters to travelers.