Are there nomads who travel and live in a camper van?

I’m very attracted to the idea of living and traveling around the world in a camper van. I would like to hear other people’s experiences. It would also be great if you can share pictures of your camper vans :smile:

Yes, there are many. I know one personally. Not sure if she is on this forum too. Her name is Ellen De Dreu. She is from the Netherlands. Check her website:

I may try in Australia one day :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely. There are a lot of us! :smile:
We have a group on Facebook called Vantrepreneurs

Here’s a picture of my van setup in Tarifa, Spain.

I was wondering how you cope ergonomically wise? Are the van seats quite comfortable to sit on the whole day or do you have special arrangements (like a wedge cushion)? I also feel that it’s often too bright outside (might be ok with an awning as you have one), and camping gear is mostly made for relaxing, not for sitting at a table.

I’ve very comfortable seats and the windows are tinted. I sit most of the time inside. The chairs for sitting outside I only use for reading or breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Interesting post and replies! I’ve been thinking about this as well, and hope to do it in North America (Canada/US). Keep us updated about how you go.

@Philippe I think this would be a good idea in Australia, lots of people see the country this way and in the major cities it is easy to find a good wireless connection. Not sure how it would work outside the cities, but perhaps (job allowing) you can do one or two weeks on, one week off to travel in the more remote parts.

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Not a van, but my wife and I just bought a truck/camper combo and will be driving from Salt Lake City (where the truck currently is) to Ushuaia, Argentina over the course of ~2 years (estimated) working along the way…

@will Lucky you. Share some pics when you pick up the truck please :slight_smile:

My wife and I looked into this at some point. There are too many other interesting places to visit currently but we might do it for a while through the US/Europe if we get fed up with flying for a while.

When we were researching this we thought [Gone with the Wynns] ( was an interesting channel about full-time RV’ing.