Best ship-to-them storage options any use here?


While I don’t know when I’ll be settling down, I do see it eventually happening at some point if for no other reason for regular health care with age/problems.

So, when I chose to go nomad I got rid of everything except those special letters and trinkets I’d kept from growing up and past traveling that I wanted for my someday settled-home.

One of my Family member’s attic turn that initial set of items but I don’t want to use his & his wife’s attic indefinitely over years/decade/whenevertheymove/etc. and/or be stuck out when any of the above happen before I open that little house or condo somewhere I think best.

So, do any of you use remote storage locations that are meant to receive shipments into for those on the road?

I come from and my main health care options are based in the US, so that would be ideal for me, but I’ll take whatever place seems best when it comes to the safety of the few things I put away.


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Not sure if you want to store what you have or ship new stuff from where you are, but I use a few services:

  1. I put my belongings in a rented storage unit from “U-Stor-It” which is a chain with locations all over. The unit is locked in a safe, gated area and I gave a key to a family member in the same town in case they need to open it (either to put stuff in or get stuff out).
  2. I use a virtual mail service called that accepts postal mail and parcels for me. They will hold mail and parcels for a small fee, or forward to you anywhere in the world. You could ship items to them and have them hold until you return to the US.
  3. If you collect stuff while traveling and don’t want to carry them as you go, you can ship a box or luggage to the US with

Hiya and thanks for replying :slight_smile:
Sorry wasn’t really clear on that.

Ideally I’d like somewhere I can have a storage location that I can send packages to and they will place it in a storage unit for me, send them to me, and can physically drop off/pick-up if in that area.

We use MakeSpace for storage. They were accepting boxes via UPS when we started out. I’m not sure if they still do things that way or not. We had some hiccups at first but things have gone well for quite some time now. They’re now in four cities and expanding. They are worth a look.