Do you know good gyms in Lisbon, Portugal?

I just moved to Lisbon, Portugal. I’m in the Alfama district, near Santa Apolónia metro.
I’d really like to find a gym which has weights and cardio machines. It looks like there are incredibly few options in Lisbon - and all extremely expensive.

HI @joshadamlevy , you moved into one of the “touristic” zones. Not the best place to live IMO.

Try to find a FitnessHut nearby, it’s cheap and it’s pretty decent if you avoid the peak hours (5 to 8 pm).

I live right beside Av. Roma, where Centro Supera just opened. It’s a massive gym with pool, spa and a lot of stuff and their plans go from as low as 27€ / month.

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When I was staying in Alfama, I was walking to Envy Health & Fitness (R. do Carmo 29.) It’s a high-end gym that’s very beautiful, but a little compressed. I went in the mornings and it was often very quiet, it’s not a gym that will work well if there are many people at once. It’s worth to check it out. If I remember correctly it was a bit pricey, but I felt I was getting the value.

Thanks for the reply. Very helpful.

Indeed, the people of Alfama seem to keep fit by walking up and down all the winding stairs in the area. There isn’t a single gym.

I checked out Envy. Yes, it is beautiful. Yes, it is pricey (65 euros per month - and only with a 3 month+ contract). Yes, it is cramped and has an awkward layout. I felt uncomfortable there. It felt cramped, and even with only 4 people in the weight room. It also felt quite pretentious.

The Fitness Huts aren’t near Alfama, although they look great. Instead, I found a place called ‘ginasio fabrica do fisico.’ It is a 13 minute bus ride from my flat in the Alfama (I have a monthly public transit pass, which costs 35 euros per month). The gym costs 29 euros per month and there is no contract. The gym is huge, uncrowded, and clean but not pretentious.

If you are staying for a few days in the city’s old center, Envy is a great option to treat yourself. For a longer stay, I highly recommend Ginasio Fabrica do Fisico.

If you want to, you can also try Crossfit (fitness but better).

The Crossfit Bakery is such a nice place, I went there several times, coaches are friendly and helpful.

Better way to stay fit working cardio & muscles thank fitness club :slight_smile: