Does anyone have first hand experience with Project Fi in Taipei or Beijing?

I’m curious to know if it actually works. The website lists China and Taiwan as countries where it should theoretically work, I was just looking to hear from anyone using it first hand.

I’m headed to Beijing next Wednesday and hope to receive my Project Fi phone before I leave. I’ll gladly let you know if it works in China (provided it arrives in time).

Thanks @psedillo. I’ll be there in about a week and half, just got my nexus 5x in the mail so I can test it as well and report back in case anyone else is curious.

@maggie The phone arrived today and I’m waiting for my number to port over. I should be good to go for Beijing next Thursday. I’ll let you know how the phone works while I’m there.

Any chance you could move this question over to this thread:

Had it going for a couple months now.

FWIW, Fi works pretty well in Central America, so I can’t imagine it won’t work in China/Taiwan.

No problem Andrew, I’m headed to Beijing & then Taiwan next week. I’ll post my thoughts on how Project Fi works on your existing post.

@maggie Sorry for the delayed response returned late last week from Beijing and headed out to Portland a few days later.

As for Project Fi in Beijing, it worked flawlessly. I had no problems with cell service while there and used both WeChat (locals) and Messenger (friends & family) for texting.

WiFi is available around the city, so you shouldn’t have a problem connecting wirelessly. You will need a VPN to access any of the social media services. Also, China blocks Google so the VPN will handle this as well.

I hope the service performs well for you while in Beijing.

I heard something about Google being able to bypass the China firewall native in its software. Ie. built in vpn when using wifi and data? Is this true?

@entrepreneurish, I sent Project Fi a question about how VPN works on Project Fi phones. Right now, the phone will only use Google’s VPN when connected to an open WiFi network. The phone won’t use VPN when connecting to a cellular network. You can use a third-party VPN software, though, so you are always connected to a VPN regardless of being connected to WiFi or a cellular network.

I asked specifically about China but they didn’t answer that question.

If I’m understanding @psedillo correctly, it sounds like he used a third-party VPN. Perhaps he can share a little more detail about his VPN usage. I am definitely interested in knowing because I am considering getting Project Fi.

I can share my experience too now that I’ve tested it. Project Fi worked great for me in Beijing, no problems with email, social media, maps or the crm my company uses. I also had a 3rd party vpn installed and running (

Thanks for sharing your experience @maggie! I just got my invite, and I’m still making my decision. Are you using only WiFi or have you connected to a cell network for data?

I was doing both, Cell data worked fine when I was out and about.