How to acquire a 180 days visa for Brazil as a French citizen?

Hey guys!
I’m going to Brazil to bootstrap my company (I will use my UK company because it’s easier) in 4 months.
I’m French and since France-Brazil’s match in 1998, they decided to disable the 90 days extension of stay for France (kidding about the world cup wink).
I want to stay there for 180 days, every visa that I see require an extension(that us French people can’t use) after the first 90 days.
Anybody got into this situation?

Overstaying in Brazil is the easiest thing. When you leave the country you pay a fine R$8,28 per day you overstayed, capped at 100 days (max fine R$828).

If you have a stomach for that.

That’s a really cool answer.
I was thinking that they would kick you out if you overstay.
So you are telling me that I can stay for 10 years and nobody will kick me out, all I’ll need to do is pay when I leave?

Pretty much. And about once a decade, the Brazilian government does an amnesty offer for people who are currently in the country illegally. I’ve had several friends gain permanent residency that way after overstaying. (No way to predict when and if the next round will come, though).

If you do pay the fine upon leaving, make sure to keep the documentation that you’ve paid it so that you don’t have any problems upon re-entry. I knew someone who overstayed, paid the fine, left, and later upon return they asked her for the documentation that she’d paid, but she’d left it at home - so she had to pay again.

I guess it doesn’t work the same in the USA ;).

As a Brazilian I don’t know how to apply for this visa. But I can sure that they will never kick you out, unless you make a really mess. :slight_smile:

Ok so I will go for the ‘bad boy fine’, I know that you can’t do things like opening a bank account once the VISA is over.
Are there other vital things that I should do while my VISA is still legit?

Doing things in Brazil take tremendous long time. Doing anything bureaucratic on a tourist visa is hopeless. Opening a bank account can easy take 3+ months.

You should get a CPF number if you want to do anything (sim card, bank account, etc). This is easy to get though.

So I should use a bank like HSBC with low (or none) fees to internationally withdraw money every time?

Maybe Brazilians can chime in and confirm very bad things happen if br federal police finds someone with expired visa. All I can say based on personal experience: crossed from cde to foz, Brazil and tried to catch plane out. Airline agent asked me if I have br visa and I unwisely said I do not, without further explanation. He smiled, picked up phone and called cops. Cops arrived ready to arrest me until I showed them paraguayan residency. Took them a while to confirm it and they let me go.

I already thought about that, I will move by train or bus if i want to switch city.
It’s normal that you get caught by airplane agents.
I never heard about cops though, I thought they would tell you that you have 8 days to leave the country and that’s it.

Brazilian here. I don’t recommend overstaying in Brazil in the same way I wouldn’t recommend a Brazilian to overstay in France. In the end of the day it’s illegal and you could have problems. This article says that the “Brazilian government and immigration have announced that they will be clamping harder down on illegals and making it more difficult for them.” It suggests that the easiest way is to get a student visa, so you may want to check that out.

If you don’t want to get a student visa, why not break your trip and stay 3 months in Brazil and 3 months in another country, such as Colombia or Chile? (both lovely countries).

Indeed those are good options but I am just making the hypothesis that I am going to meet cool people that i won’t want to leave there.
I would have loved to use the student VISA but the courses there are quite expensive (Porto Alegre)

Btw this article was made in 2013.
In 2013 France-Brazil started to create a working holiday VISA.
They take it slow in both case so I guess it is still good ^^.

Cool, good luck! I hope it works out for you!