How to find an appartment in Valencia, Spain?

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planning on going to Valencia for a while and am looking for an appartment from April to summer. Any Ideas where to look for? Appart from airbnb…

Also any tipps for area to live in and work spaces are most welcome.

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The M.

If you don’t mind some responsibility you could give housesitting a chance. There are many offers in Spain and if you are lucky you could get quite a big house with all amenities. Most sits also come with pets, however. I’d say and are the best sites. If you don’t want to spend much money, try MindMyHouse first, it’s only about 20$.

Edit: If you sign up, I’d love to give you my referral link.

Aw! Valencia was my first nomad home! I got my accommodation with Airbnb so can’t help with alternatives. But I lived in the Rusafa area and can highly recommend this. It’s an arty neighbourhood with a few nice cafes to work in and a short walk into the centre.

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thanks for your replies! Housesitting is not really an option unfortunately - I prefer to rent a flat for a few weeks/months.

Ruzafa seems like a nice neighborhood. I am also asking for airbnb alternatives because airbnb prices for full apartments are quite high. I am a bit surprised but maybe that’s normal rental prices in Valencia and I am just very late. Or authorities started targeting airbnb, so that there are increased costs for landlords and less competition.

Hi there! A local here :slight_smile:

Ruzafa sure is a great neighborhood lo live but definately more pricey than the rest of Valencia. Valencia is really walkable and cyclable and everything is pretty much within a 15-20 minute reach so maybe looking for a more economic location doesn´t make a big difference. There is not really a part in city center you should avoid so I find it hard to make a mistake there. Personal tip: The beach area (Malavrrosa and Patacona) although beautiful can be kind of empty and isolated during the week and specially in winter. I wouldn’t move there and rather rent a bike to go to the beach whenever you want. Just sayin’ :slight_smile:

For your reference an OK flat of around 80 sq meters with furniture should cost you 600 euros/month plus extra costs (water, electricity, etc) if you were to rent long term so for a three month stay I wouldn’t pay more the 700-800 for the whole month. Avoid touristy areas (Ruzafa, Carmen, Centro) if you don’t find anyone willing to rent for a couple of months.

Valencia is a fantastic city to spend a couple of months, don’t miss your chance!


Use the pages Idealista and Fotocasa, the spanish used them!

hey there! the advice on areas to avoid was really helpful. which other areas would you recommend?

Hi Ahs,
Sorry, I’ve just seen this message today. Apologies.
L’Olivereta is very nice and Patraix is also cool. La Saïda and Mestalla area also nice :slight_smile:
Benimaclet is an authentic and active neighbourhood. Very local.
Are you already living there?