How to get bank statements remotely?


Me & my gf holding not very strong passports, so have to apply for a visas quite often.
Soon need to make a visa applications from the countries we have no ties with.
The problem is that by the moment of making an applications, a bank statements will be outdated and the banks we currently use don’t send the paper statements internationally. That cause quite a lot of problems with visa applications. (the way i see it now is to open new account in each country, transfer funds to it and wait for 3 months)

Any suggestion on probably some fin tech banking startup where one can both open the account remotely (with using a local mailbox service i suppose) and get a paper statement delivered internationally?
Hope there is a solution to it :slight_smile:

The only thing that I can think of is sending the paper to someone you know in your home country and getting them to send it to you with UPS or FEDEX?

Not sure if that works but thought I should share

Been living around since a while, don’t have a bank acc in my country :smiley:
Banks i have accounts with do not send a statements without personal visit. Also don’t have anyone whom i can give a power of attorney for my bank acc.

Only reasonable solution i see so far is to find a bank with which i can work completely remotely. Was thinking to make some offshore company in tax haven + bank acc for that, but need a personal account. Also, accounts in traditional tax havens may look suspicious and that will only add more bureaucratic stuff to be done.

Does your bank offer online statements? I have simply printed those for use with visa applications before.

Yeah, it does. However self-printed are rarely accepted :frowning:
There is an option i found and will try soon - a few banks in Singapore can make accs without residency there (a lot of articles online saying that they don’t really do it anymore, but i called like 15, few of them were OK with it, without 1000000$ deposit requirement) and they also can send paper statement internationally.

Good luck! :slight_smile: Let us know which bank if you’re successful!

Singapore - failed, but someone might have a better luck :wink:
CIMB Bank - accepted application, do not require residency. However it wasn’t approved.
DBS - contacted call-center 2 times, 2 times confirmed that can apply without a residency in SG. Walk-in in 2 branches - both required residency with no option.
HSBC - can open with minimum deposit 200k SGD. Didn’t do that.
UBS - some friend opened there a year ago without a residency. both call-center and walk-in rejected such possibility.

You’re trying to do something that’s 1) impossible 2) illegal.

Financial institutions now have so-called Know Your Customer (KYC) laws, that means you need to be able to identify yourself, live somewhere and have proof of address, usually in the same country as the bank where you’re opening an account.

Not impossible and not illegal.
Yes, they do have the KYC policies and had them before, but policies & their implementations can vary. Opening an account while not a resident in the country doesn’t mean not providing a KYC info, you just provide an address in your residence country. (and all other info required by their KYC process)

But you said you don’t have official residency anymore, right? In that case banks really don’t want you. Laws obviously vary but increasingy KYC has and will make this impossible.

i don’t want to describe a details of my situation publicly here.
The point is opening a personal offshore account isn’t impossible & not illegal. However it is clearly hard now and likely to be harder in the future.
One can always defend or oppose the bureaucratic side of our lifes. Location independent lifestyle generally isn’t a very regulated sphere. Regulations are always following social and economic changes with some delay. I guess we’re here to make a solutions which allow us a higher degree a personal freedom and at the same time comply with existing regulations. If so - this topic is exactly about it.

Definitely. But the framework is already working for you. You are required by international law to have a personal residency (e.g. rent a house, or live) somewhere. You can’t be a stateless non-resident. There are many, many, many legal ramifications for doing that and they’re not positive.

I love the “we’re all world citizens, let’s live everywhere and not be a resident anywhere” ideology. But if you’re going that way then you can’t use the traditional world services anymore. They don’t like to serve you. In your case, it makes much more sense to just go crypto.

I’m sure there’s exceptions and you can make it happen somewhere. But it’ll not be for long. Every bank will apply Know Your Customer (KYC) stuff soon.

Yeah i generally agree with that. It’s just not impossible & illegal, at least not yet. It’s quite an effort to make the things work this way, and it will be harder.

I do use crypto, but it isn’t accepted by the institutions that much yet and i can’t show balances in crypto instead of the bank statements. (except bitcoin for Australia & Japan). Legal & regulatory base for it is just not here yet.

Solution to this topic’s problem(at this moment) is exactly in getting offshore personal account with the bank which is able to send a statements remotely.

I guess further discussion will be more ideological instead of applicable.