Looking for mid-term accomodation in Canggu (±3 months)


any tips, suggestions? It’s for Jan-2015 through March-2015.

I’m ideally looking for a nomad house-style type of setup, in which 4 or more digital nomads all live together in a nice, modern villa. But I’m not sure if there are too many of those around in Canggu.

Otherwise a private room+bathroom or private apt. for around $600-800 will be fine (depending on the speed of the Internet).

Any help or tips are more than welcome : )

I would love to join you in such a house. So let me know if you find one and need another housemate. I have been in Bali since September and need a new place since Jan. I will be here until March too.

There are several Facebook groups for Bali villas for rent…

Also a lively community there… Was at a meetup there about 3 months ago . It was great!

AirBnB is how I found my place…

Btw if you want a great deal, you need to be ready to pay for 12 months at once. That’s how they roll…

There are many options for that type of accommodation. Many friends rent a room in a villa (usually with swimming pool) for around 500USD per month.

Renting a whole house might be more complicated though - i.e. pay for 12 months at once as Miles wrote.

Join those Canggu related Facebook groups. Canggu community Fb group: people share a lot of info on them & often put up ads for rooms. Acroyoga Canggu Bali: a cool activity with a nice community, if you’re interested in trying something new & meeting new people who could help you, then that’s for you.

Btw, Ubud is a much better place to be a digital nomad.
I was in Canggu for a month or so, internet is slow, the DN community is tiny & it’s full of temptations/distractions (parties & short term “excited” crowd).
In Ubud you will meet much more nomads, have better internet & less temptations (less party & more relaxed atmosphere). No surfing in Ubud though! Just my 2 cents :wink:


@Miles ya, I wish I was staying here for a year, then I could get my own fast internet at a yearly rental.

Since I am not, airbnb and Facebook are the only options looking for accommodation. Filtering places for good internet on airbnb is a pain! They really need to a add a parameter in search for speed (They could get hosts to do speed tests regularly to verify speed)

@AdrienBe The community in canggu is growing. There is a co-working space here now, that is usually as crowded as Hubud nowadays, which is starting to get annoying! So the co-working space side of it is covered. Internet at houses is still troublesome. Luckily, I have found one with 4mbps until end of this month, then back to hunting again.

Depending where you stay mobile internet can be very good now. 4g speeds with Simpati are up to 30meg if you find somewhere with a good signal, which obviously opens up a lot more options rather than having to commit to a 12 month lease.

Arriving in wet season, you’ll probably have more leverage about monthly vs yearly rent anyway as the rental market will be slower.

Your budget will get you a nice private apartment if you want to go down that route. I’m currently staying in this place which includes 5meg internet and is monthly rental.

Facebook groups to look at include the following:


The Bali Budget Housing site also has some good options

There was also a guy in the Bali Digital Nomads FB group who has a villa and was keen to rent out to other Digital Nomads. I think this was the FB page.

@jnpkr - how much is that place you’re staying at, if you don’t mind sharing the info? Also, those 5 meg - are they real (in speedtest/etc)?

Thanks for sharing it!

It’s 8.5m IDR per month as I’m paying monthly rather than yearly

Internet was 4.9 meg when I checked earlier but it’s like any in Bali that isn’t completely reliable

Normally I find internet here is either fast or reliable but rarely both

The only option I’ve found for reliable and fast internet is Dojo coworking as they have 20 meg with a second redundant 20 meg connection

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3G is pretty bad in Canggu.

I suspect this is due to the amount of people who now come here on holiday. The network probably was never built to support this amount of users.

Basically, the closer you get to the beach, the worst it gets. I was planning to work from home using the 3G but it was never very good. I had to go to some cafes/restaurants to use their wifi. Or just go to a cafe/restaurant that was in an area where the 3G was better.

The Nerdmanship Collective in Canggu seems like a pretty cool place to live. If anything, they will be able to help you figure things out I’m sure. https://web.facebook.com/theNerdmanshipCollective/

3G/4G in Canggu is very much dependant on your location and it’s certainly not bad in all places

Obviously, if you want to pick an apartment to work from, make sure you do a speed test using 3G when you are there

First speed test I was literally sitting on Echo Beach the other day:

And here’s what’s possible from AquaBlu apartments using 4g where I stayed previously

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+1 for doing a speed test in potential apartments.

Regarding that:

3G/4G in Canggu is very much dependant on your location and it’s certainly not bad in all places

Too true! Batu Bulong beach was terrible for Telkomsel 3G, but Berawa area was much better if I remember correctly.

Yeah those two speed tests are with Telkomsel

I’ve also got a couple of other sims from when I worked from home and had reasonable 3g speeds (~4meg) very consistently with Smartfren and Tri

Tri is the cheapest option around if you can find somewhere that has good signal

I found coverage for both Smartfren and Tri is crap in some areas so if you’re going to chose one sim, I’d go with Simpati (Telkomsel) as it has good coverage and 4g

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