What is the best provider/source for high speed internet in Mcleod Ganj, India?

I’m travelling there in the fall and video conference online for work. I need at least 10mpbs download speeds. What is available in terms of providers or cellular hot spot options? Thank you in advance!

I’m interested in this as well. Currently in Calcutta. Not sure if I’m headed to McCleod or Phuket next. I have a 16mbps DSL line here, but this is a major city and I’m in a very affluent neighborhood. I’m not sure if you’re going to find that much bandwidth up in the mountains. I’d guess 4G / 3G on Vodafone might get you a wireless signal. If it’s a 4G signal, it should easily be good enough for video conferencing as long as you don’t need to stream 1080p.

Larger towns in the hills would be a better bet; Dehradun is definitely an option. But it’s several hours away from Dharamsala, so if that’s really the area you want, you might have to get there and hunt round for something more local. Good luck!